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Los Angeles by Design

Interesting quote about Los Angeles:

"California, and particularly Los Angeles, is a very special example. If it were as good a lesson as it is an example, it would be especially helpful. . . .

People in large numbers from many different cultures came together to form a community-leaving all their traditions, social mores, inherited land responsibilities and restraints behind. The form the community has taken is more a product of its freedoms than of its restraints, and the result is frightening. . . .

A very large community has been forced to make many decisions large and small-without the restraining effects of a common cultural tradition, or limitations that come with isolation, or social responsibilities of long-standing or a lore of materials and their appropriate use."

A conversation with Eames Demetrios (Grandson of Charles and Ray Eames.)

Command Line Interface

mutt_button (3k image)Over here in *NIX country I'm checking out some software with a different power to weight ratio. Just finished configuring the email client Mutt which works entirely from the command line --absolutely no GUI. Had to setup Postfix and Fetchmail to get it running. Fairly mind expanding but it's working. After it was setup I was chatting on IRC and XChat informed me that I had new mail. Heh. Try doing that on Windows.

Going to experiment with some of the non GUI IRC chat clients next. Interesting to see if I can take this to the point where I don't need a GUI at all.

DevShed: A Man And His Mutt

Linuxnovice: Mutt-An e-mail users best friend

Linuxword: Man's best friend

Linuxcare: Application of the Week-mutt

Supercharged Web Browsing

logo1s (2k image)Trying out the Dillo web browser. For some reason I could never get it to work with Mandrake 8.1. I think it was dependency conflicts. The Dillo executable is only about 200k. It's certainly much faster than any other graphical browser that I have used.

Famous web sites:

{{popup kacked.png kacked 817x729}}/

{{popup knurdle2.png knurdle2 817x729}}

It's interesting that the knurdle splashscreen actually works better in {{popup knurdle1.png knurdle1 817x729}}Dillo than in {{popup knurdle5.png knurdle5 1020x738}}Galeon.

{{popup lizardspeaks.png lizardspeaks 817x729}}

{{popup preterosso.png preterosso 817x729}}

{{popup subminimal.png 817x729}} (my favorite... as you can see it doesn't work at all in Dillo. Looks better in {{popup subminimal2.png subminimal2 1020x738}}Galeon)

{{popup sunil.png sunil 817x729}}

{{popup drmabuse.png drmabuse 817x729}} (forget the www and you get something else...)

{{popup piombo.png piombo 817x729}}

{{popup burningman.png burningman 817x729}}

{{popup dan.png dan 817x729}}/dan/

{{popup latetalk.png latetalk 817x729}} (doh!)

{{popup preterosso2.png preterosso2 748x730}}

{{popup rudedog.png rudedog 748x730}}

{{popup lubrichs.png lubrichs 748x730}}

Less famous sites:

(these guys seem to have it together better than we do, what's up with that?)

{{popup amazon.png amazon 817x729}}

{{popup cnn.png cnn 817x729}}

{{popup csmonitor.png csmonitor 817x729}}

{{popup nytimes.png nytimes 817x729}}

{{popup yahoo.png yahoo 817x729}}

If this is appealing to you and you're running a *NIX OS, check it out:

The Dillo Web Browser

sunil||||2|4|16|2002|8|13|49|AM|man, this browser is cool, can't they export it to Win9X systems? John||||2|4|16|2002|1|3|48|PM|I'm pretty sure they have no plans to make it work in Windows. It runs using the GTK library. I don't think an equivalent is available for Windows.I think that in order to use it you're going to have to export yourself from the Windows environment.

Death or Taxes

telefile (36k image)

¿michael?||||0|4|14|2002|10|38|29|PM|Great 3D effect in your background.

Kacked IRC Server 2

Been a little frustrated about my IRC server. A few people have tried it out. they show up, say hi, don't get an instant response then bail.

thing about IRC is it's kind of like email. It's asynchronous. Meaning that you can have conversations without both parties being there at the same time. If you try it out and you don't find me there at least say boo. If you leave your client connected and go do something else maybe there will be a response when you check back. Look at it as if it was email. You wouldn't expect an instant reply if you sent an email.

I'm connected to some irc servers basically 24/7. I get up in the morning and review the conversations. Put in my two cents if there is something I need to put two cents in about...

thing is: nobody in those chat rooms is staring at the screen. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they're not. If you have a questions about something usually there is someone that is watching that can answer.

For my part, I guess it would help if I knew how to configure my client so it would notify me with a sound when someone showed up. That's one of the reasons I thought it was important to bring up the Linux desktop --I don't want to figure out how to configure my Windows IRC client. I don't want to be on Windows.|*|Help me out by sticking around in the chat room. You don't have to stare at the screen, but you can't have a message waiting for you when you look at it next if you're not even connected...

kacked IRC server is at on the usual port 6667.

A Newbie's Guide to IRC

Ensor's IRC Newbie Information Guide Thing

Mandrake Again

Ran into a problem with the xserver on Debian. I think it had trouble recognizing my flat screen lcd. Back on Mandrake now. Posting this from Linux.

Debian Install

Installing Debian on my Linux desktop. Supposed to be fairly difficult to install. Compared to the newbie distros like Mandrake anyway. Heard a lot of good stuff about it. If it goes fairly well, can go on to experiment with one of the source code distributions like Gentoo or Sorcerer.

Microsoft Products on Linux

Interesting application that enables the use of Microsoft products on your Linux desktop. Did Sunil's excuse for running Windows just vanish?

Powerpoint on my Linux desktop. Oh boy.

CrossOver Office: The Killer App for the Linux Desktop?

?michael?||||6|4|13|2002|3|27|26|AM|A petri dish on my Linux desktop, Oh boy. John||||6|4|13|2002|4|8|45|AM|I tried it out. Kind of a hoot. It had been so long since I have installed Office 97 that I forgot to disable Fast Find. I looked at my desktop later and Fast Find was running. As Tom Sawyer says: "if that don't beat all!" Yeah, the idea of running some of this stuff on Linux is interesting but not something that I would really consider doing. I could see how it would be handy for some people though. But there is already so much good software available for Linux that the only reason to use Office would be for compatibility reasons. Personally I have never been able to stand using Office. The idea that there is a suite of applications that "does it all" just doesn't appeal to me. Some people have said "nobody cares what OS they are running as long as it runs MS Office". I think that's true. I don't really care about running Office and especially Powerpoint --the next time I see a Powerpoint presentation with animated wipes and sound effects... well, I just don't know what I'll do.

Also it seems that a lot of people can't really seem to do without running MS Outlook. I guess they like the way it integrates something or other [I have never been able to figure Outlook out.] But like you say, it's a petri dish waiting to grow something.

Seeing that Fast Find indexing my fake windows drive on Linux reminded me why I was doing this in the first place. Windows. Just say no.


vaginal- (4k image)Played chess with the guy that runs Pervertidora Records tonight. Managed to win even though he's rated a couple hundred points higher. Lucky. Anyway, I fingered him (geek talk: it means I looked at his canned info online) and found a link to his record label. Perusing the site I find that several of the artists on the label are local celebrities (well, me and my friends know who they are...)

I see one of them at the Hari Khrishna temple for the feast on Sunday. Small world. I'll have to introduce myself sometime. I pointed him out to my friends Tim and Lisa when they were down from Seattle recently. We all went to the feast at the temple. Was fun.|*|That's kind of an interesting thing to do: eating Hari Khrishna food on Sunday. As Dave says: "you can't beat the price and the floorshow is fantastic!" It's funny, I try to bring people down there for the experience but so many people are afraid to do it. I honestly think it is some of the best food in Los Angeles. People get freaked out about the Khrisna's for some reason. Different people have suggested to me that they put something in the food. They think if they go down there they're going to end up in the airport with a shaved head, giving books away...

Vaginal Davis several years back with Dan and Dave at a CD release party for the band "Touchcandy". Pretty wild. Vaginal Davis was the opening act. A tall black drag queen with a great sense of humor (is that redundant?) Anyway, she was telling the audience that it's not true what you hear about the size of black penises, and she was looking for proof. She asked the audience if there was anybody that had a "huge white penis". Very funny, and very embarassing since the guy that choose to expose himself was basically standing right next to me. We all freaked out the following week when the party made the cover of the LA Weekly--complete with blow by blow description of the evening's entertainment.

As Vaginal Davis puts it: "honey--ain't nothing lower that a black drag queen."

Pervertidora Records

LA Weekly: The Inner Mounting Flame-Glen Meadmore saddles up

Life Without Socks

Socks (28k image)

bethie||||5|4|12|2002|3|48|52|AM|well i am wearing striped socks.. i even took a picture of them :P John||||5|4|12|2002|1|8|24|PM|The actual sock in question:

Out Of The Past

My brother sent me an instant message. He was surfing around and found some web site that specializes in missing property. He entered his surname (which also happens to be mine, doh) and found that Bank of America has an unclaimed safety deposit box of mine from like 30 years ago. I have no idea what could be in it. I remember having it though. That was a weird key. Should I claim it and see what I had in there? Might be fun to see what I thought was important 30 years ago. Remembering what I was like back then... there's really no telling what it could be. Just telling Michael some stories about those days. Heh. I hope he doesn't repeat any of that stuff. Those were strange times.

What could be in there I wonder. I really have no idea. Probably some kind of paperwork. Maybe I owe Bank of America $100,000 in box rent. They certainly made an impression on me back then. The one thing I do remember was my resolution to never, ever do business with them again.

John||||5|4|12|2002|2|45|48|AM|Oh yeah, here's the address in case you want to look for lost treasure as well:

:// sunil||||5|4|12|2002|10|10|12|AM|and the winner is....

Was That My Credit Card (or are you just happy to see me?)

"...The IRC networks have names like Dalnet and EFnet, but he agrees that another name works just as well: eBay for hackers..."

CNN: Chat rooms a haven for hackers

sensationalism on the CNN web site. Had to stop and think for a second --oh yeah! CNN is old school media. Reading this article kind of confirms that [for me.] Funny but scary at the same time.

And this after the kacked irc server goes online. Haven't seen any hackers in there yet. Actually had three guys in there talking the other day. Mostly right now we're chatting about how to unleash the power of *NIX on Michael's OS X machine.

Some of the response on slashdot is very funny:

Slashdot: CNN Says Chat Rooms Are a Haven for Hackers

My favorite includes the following:

"...You know, sometimes, reporters just have to get a grip."


worm (3k image)Working on the computer last night. Tellie going in the background. Nature show on PBS. I've had it with all the advertising creeping on. Blame that on Ronald Reagan I guess. I agree with him though --why should government subsidize television?

Anyway, some nature show about flatworms. Quite dramatic. New Zealand flatworms terrorizing the english countryside by killing all the round worms.

Even put up wanted posters: have you seen this worm?

Talked some about the diverse environments that flatworms can be found in. Even including inside other animals. While they were doing this they showed some guy eating a steak. Pretty gross.

Pointed out that flatworms were the first evolutionary expression of the basic design model still in use today. We're all mobile predatory tubes that take food in at one end and... well, you know.

I remember Alan Watts talking about this. His point [I think]: get over yourself, we're all just tubes that eat and are in turn eaten by other tubes.

Reminds me of the "Eupcaccia" or clock bug. A mythical insect mentioned in the Abe Kobo book "The Ark Sakura":

"I learned that in Epichamaic, the language spoken on Epicham Island (the insect’s native habitat), eupcaccia is the word for “clock.” Half an inch long, the insect is of the order Coleoptera, and has a stubby black body lined with vertical brown stripes. Its only other distinguishing feature is its lack of legs, those appendages having atrophied because the insect has no need to crawl about in search of food. It thrives on a peculiar diet-its own feces. The idea of ingesting one’s own waste products for nourishment sounds about as ill-advised as trying to start a fire from ashes; the explanation lies, it seems, in the insect’s extremely slow rate of consumption, which allows plenty of time for the replenishment of nutrients by bacterial action. Using its round abdomen as a fulcrum, the eupcaccia pushes itself around counterclockwise with its long, sturdy antennae, eating as it eliminates. As a result, the excrement always lies in a perfect half-circle. It begins ingesting at dawn and ceases at sunset, then sleeps till morning. Since its head always points in the direction of the sun, it also functions as a timepiece..."

The Lizard||||4|4|11|2002|7|38|5|AM|Sick.


Interesting technical papers available online at the Rand Corp. A couple of the ones that I have enjoyed reading (on my pocket computer naturally):

The Information Age and the Printing Press: Looking Backward to See Ahead

Focus on Generic Skills for Information Technology Literacy

and my favorite:

Toward an Ethics and Etiquette for Electronic Mail

Recession, Privacy and the Red Dress

Dan sent me a link to an interesting editorial about the coming boom in Information Technology. Time to fight terror with bits.

I, Cringely: The Pulpit - The Recession is Over

sunil||||3|4|10|2002|1|45|23|PM|The IT boom is indeed coming. Gear up and get in the market asap with those skills!

Linux Again?

I couldn't take it any more. I dug through my pile of stuff (there's got to be enough stuff there for at least 3 computers) found an ATX power supply and revived my Linux desktop machine. I'm posting this from a brand new Mandrake 8.2 Linux install. Now: should I experiment with a few distributions before I settle down? I feel more comfortable in this environment. I also want to experiment with some other [more hardcore] Linux distributions. I think I need an experimental machine. Maybe three more...

Some of the distributions I'm thinking about experimenting with:

Gentoo Sorcerer Debian Redhat

Heh, I still haven't installed Redhat. Never checked it out.

I also want to experiment with some of the BSDs. The thing about this is though, there's only so much time in a day and so what? The thing is just to have a comfortable desktop environment to use for the stuff that I need to do. Tired of tweaking.

sunil||||2|4|9|2002|8|2|28|PM|get on the windows man, no tweaking, no hassles, no sh*t, no problem...hell yeah! John||||2|4|9|2002|9|36|43|PM|No hassles? LOL. You are a slave.

Kacked Chat Room

Does anybody use IRC? If you do, help me test my server: on the usual port 6667. You'll need an IRC client. Some good ones are listed below. If this works good maybe I can make it a regular feature on my server machine. I'm sitting in here talking to myself right now.

Oops, it works. Someone helping me test it right now.

BitchX Linux

mIRC Windows

Ircle Mac OS X>

michael||||1|4|8|2002|1|21|20|PM|When I tried to go to the url it said that I needed to sign up in an error page. John||||1|4|8|2002|1|31|21|PM|Ah, that was you. You need to use an irc client. Probably you want to try it when you get home. John||||1|4|8|2002|1|33|18|PM|A Mac OS X client at:

I'm using mIRC which is available at:


NorwegianCoke (29k image)

Clog Dancing and Macrame

carrie (5k image)Writing that last post reminded me of some good stuff in the book: "In the Beginning was the Command Line" (available online as a free download --I read it on my palm pilot.)

Last night I watched a couple episodes of "Sex in the City" (or as Dieter calls it: "Sluts in the City") with my buddy Sara. They took place in Los Angeles. It was fun to get a hyped New York viewpoint of the many perceived shortcomings that Los Angeles has. A replay of the humor in the movie in which I first saw Sara Jessica Parker: "L.A. Story". Anyway, the part that I was reminded of when thinking about L.A. as a "mass cultural product export capital" was the following:

"The lesson most people are taking home from the Twentieth Century is that, in order for a large number of different cultures to coexist peacefully on the globe... it is necessary for people to suspend judgment... this is the fundamental message of television; it is the message that people take home, anyway, after they have steeped in our media long enough... It comes through as the presumption that all authority figures... are hypocritical buffoons, and that hip jaded coolness is the only way to be.

The problem is that once you have done away with the ability to make judgments as to right and wrong, true and false, etc., there's no real culture left. All that remains is clog dancing and macrame. The ability to make judgments, to believe things, is the entire it point of having a culture. I think this is why guys with machine guns sometimes pop up in places like Luxor, and begin pumping bullets into Westerners..."

The connection? I read a review of "Sex in the City" written by an indian feminist (found in a magazine at India Sweets and Spices, one of those freebie mags that Don will stuff five copies of in his backpack.) The author took issue with the show saying that the premise was that being a feminist meant nothing more than having the freedom to be able to have sex without love. And that if this is what it means to be a feminist in western society --you can keep it.

Check out the quotes in the sidebar that's on the right of each of the following:

Carrie Bradshaw

Charlotte York

Miranda Hobbes

Samantha Jones

El Lay

palmtree (2k image)Guy at the cafe pissed me off tonight. Turkish guy. Film student. To his credit I have to say he seemed like a nice guy. "L.A. is not a city!" he said, "I have been in cities of the world, and L.A. is not a city!"

I understand what he's getting on about and kind of agree with him. But still. Asked him how long he had been in Los Angeles and he says three months.

me of an interview on Charlie Rose (yeah, I know I watch the show a lot --it's great, what can I say.) Charlie spoke with Guicci fashion guru Tom Ford. Asked to point to the fashion capital of the world he said that without question it was Los Angeles. Charlie sputtered and quickly replied that all the major fashion magazines were published in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo. Tom Ford said "yes, but who is on the cover of those magazines?" Charlie sheepishly replied: "film stars..." They agreed that for better or worse the western world's conception of beauty comes from Los Angeles. My point is not that this is good or bad, just that it is so. It is fairly obvious that the rest of the world is uniquely influenced by Los Angeles.

The part where I think I agree with this Turkish guy is sometimes I wonder if I wouldn't be more comfortable in another city. Some place where you didn't have to drive to do EVERYTHING. Los Angeles always reminds me of the line from Pee Wee's Playhouse where Pee Wee says: OK, starting to have fun now, guess you better leave..."

sunil||||6|4|6|2002|8|1|26|AM|you may be right, when I was in india, I believed that virtually all fashion either started in LA or Paris and maybe a little from NY. richard||||6|4|6|2002|10|20|31|AM|ALL fashion begins at the balcony - eh? isn't this the place where the future began ? i think so - kudos to you and michael for some very ingenious conceptualizations and concrete realities - OTHERS best learn from you - again - i think [believe] - so there you have it. by the way - the reason [ to keep more people OUT of los angeles is the broadcasts with the fact that the 'Big Earthquake' will tear California from the continent - this keeps those fools from coming here - and possibly destroying the fashion too . . . hehe ¿michael?||||0|4|7|2002|1|57|23|PM|During the pax romana Rome was the center of the known world. Koine Greek was the lingua franca of the known world. That was because of the Roman acceptance and honor of Greek culture and wisdom. A status symbol in Roman culture was to have your own Greek teacher in your house.

We are now in the pax americana (yeah, it wasn't very peaceful during the pax romana either. But there is a certain stability in the world now and the world looks to the United States to either maintain it or to be the apple cart that needs to be upset for things to change.

I believe that Los Angeles is the "new Rome". Nothing becomes a world wide phenomena until it hits the media fan here. Until it does it is just a local phenomena. L.A. is the world's T.V. It is mainly that because of The Glass Bead Game that is the motion picture. Motion Picture budgets in the rest of the world are miniscle compared to those of Hollywood. It sets the bar for production value and from there American culture or lack of it flows. sunil||||0|4|7|2002|4|0|3|PM|Rome was not a center of the known world to the easterners. That may be true for the western civilization. The center(s) in the east were distributed over Persia, India (Takshila), China/Japan. Pax Romana existed only in the west, not necessarily in the east where western influence was nil. Thus, analogy between Rome and LA, I think, does not apply here.

Black and White

yin-yang (2k image)I had a black girl friend when I was in high school. She listened to P. Funk and James Brown. For her everything I listened to was "B-Toven". Sometimes I think about Maria and wonder what it's like for mixed race couples now.

I heard someone recalling a question answer session Ralph Ellison did after speaking at a college. The question was something to do with race relations in America. His response included the observation that "all of us are part black and part white".

¿michael?||||5|4|5|2002|1|42|25|AM|We must all be colored people, or else we wouldn't be able to see each other.

-Don Van Vliet aka Capt. Beefheart

John||||5|4|5|2002|10|6|57|AM|Yeah, that sounds like the kind of thing a white guy would say...

sunil||||5|4|5|2002|10|27|54|AM|Here's a philosphical insight from distinguished eastern philosopher Sunil, "Color is the way our mind represents the physical property of the wavelength of a light wave"

I think there is no absolute color. We perceive what our minds ask us to. One has to have an open mind to look at all shades John||||5|4|5|2002|10|46|49|AM|The experience of color is more about perception than most people realize. Honeybees for instance experience a "primary color" in the ultraviolet. I wonder what effect that has on their experience of racism... I looked into this recently to bolster my argument that the color yellow is created by the mind. It's an effect very similar to the retinal blind spot. I found a good explanation here:

Color perception in human eyes and brains

Aaron's Picture

I noticed Aaron has a picture of me DJ'ing in his photolog. He takes some nice pictures. It's Aaron's fault that I'm using greymatter. Maybe someday I'll switch to moveabletype like he did.

Aaron||||3|4|3|2002|2|30|0|PM|I got more pics of you, I'll upload them when I get home and if I remember..

Party Pictures

I asked Anthony to take some pictures of me whenever I DJ and he happens to be there. He's managed to get some good shots of me. Naturally he took some pictures at the five year anniversary party.

I thought I would setup a photo gallery for this site as well (as well as the one for the burningman site.)This was kind of a pain in the you-know-what. For some reason that I can't figure out right now I can't upload jpg pictures to the gallery. Same thing on the burningman site. I'll figure it out. Maybe. Anyway, these are png files so if you're using a browser that doesn't support that --well, they're just pictures of me anyways...

favorite is the one where I seem to be contemplating that women's butt. Caught in my natural state so to speak.

The idea behind having these pics is that they can serve as "album covers" for the mixes.

Webmail Gateways

This was Michael's idea. He wants to be able to access his pop mail account while he's at work. This is a neat idea --I would also like to be able to check my email when I'm not at home. There are many open source packages that look like they might be suitable for doing this kind of thing. I tried three of them:



Instant Webmail

They all worked more of less. The winners are Webmail and PHPost. Both of which handle attachments and look fairly nice. PHPost gets the edge though with a slightly nicer interface and easier install.

You're welcome to try the test installs:

Instant Webmail Test

PHPost Test

I can't take responsibility for any problems that you might have. No, I'm not logging any of your email.

I will probably take this down or move it to another location once I decide which one to go with. Maybe make it part of a personal portion of my site --only available to me, or by invitation only.

Anyway, as I'm likely to forget which of these I tested --I'm posting the results here.

April Fools Day

What a drag. All the news sites are awash with fake news.

sunil||||2|4|2|2002|9|19|17|AM|Huh? What fake news?

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