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Head Trip

explode (7k image)Maybe could have posted a sequence of stories leading up very dramatically to my departure for burningman. Oh the suspense! But I didn't.

I will be at Burningman till sometime after labor day. Not sure exactly when I will be getting back or if I will feel like posting anything about my adventures when I do (of course I will.) If you find yourself wondering how I'm doing in the desert check the web site for live coverage. There will be a webcast on the 31st.

Looks like it's going to be a relatively cool one this year.

Be leaving sometime after midnight on Monday. It's possible that I will post again before then. But if not, have a good burn.

My friends and I have a web site where we host photos of our burningman adventures. Check it now for pictures from prior years and later for pics from this year.

Finding my Way Back name url comment
sunil Have fun at BM! Who's going with you?

I myself am leaving abroad this afternoon and will return mid Sept.
Richard 'ave a real good one there john - enjoy yourself (lol) - see ya when ya get back - i'll be leaving for Switzerland w/ my wife - Christina (Nov 2) PERMANENTLY !!!
hey you back? put up a post on your burningman in india after my switzerland conference trip....returning on Sept. 12...what's the ip address showing as?
John /

L.A. In Ten Minutes

jaguar (1k image)Went with Michael all over town tonight. Started at the Apple store in "The Grove". Neat. The staircase that leads to the second floor is made from thick pieces of glass. A little unnerving to use it--not everyday you can see through the staircase. We pulled up our web sites using the new Jaguar OS X. Looked nice. The sales person told us to be there at 10:20 for the drawing to win a free computer. What she failed to mention was that people were already lining up outside for the big moment. By the time we figured it out there were at least a thousand people in line. Tried waiting a bit but soon realized it was hopeless. Fun though chatting with some of the Mac users.

CatAndFiddle (1k image)Had a late dinner at an english pub: "The Cat and Fiddle". It's on Sunset across the street from The Hollywood Athletic Club. Interesting. Great patio area full of trees and people trying hard to get laid. Fun to watch. Food ok. What can you say about english cusine? I suppose if they had decent food at home there wouldn't have been a need for the british empire... Still, it was a hoot until the beautiful people sat next to us--smoking and yelling into their cell phones. But even that was fun.

Finally ended up at the Hustler Store on Sunset. Didn't get a chance to look at the toys. hustler (2k image)Seen all that stuff before and anyways, I had a headache. We stopped there cause they have a cafe that's open till two a.m. Most other cafe's in Hollywood close at one. The other exception that we know about being "Psycho Babble" on Vermont. That place has never impressed me any more than "Fred 62" (just down the street.) Which is to say not at all. But it's open late. Drag being in that area--all we end up talking about is how cool it was when "The Onyx" was there. Even though they had the world's shitty-ist coffee it was a fun place to go late at night.

Oh yeah, the Hustler store... coffee was good. Decent selection of books. All sex related of course. We got some coffee and sat out on the patio overlooking Sunset. Great place for people watching. Freak watching.

Ward Comes Down Hard on the Beaver

drfun (2k image)Found the Doctor Fun comic yesterday and was inspired to make a couple more of my own. Seen Doctor Fun around but didn't realize that he puts one out every day. Awesome. I like the way he uses background textures to give his comics a 3d effect. In the FAQ he says it takes about an hour and a half each day to make that day's comic. That's dedication. My hat's off to David Farley. Beauty eh?

Oh yeah, my comics: Leave it to Beaver | Real Player

Say What Mafaco?

bigboy (5k image)Shared an elevator with some guy today. He asks me: "how tall are you? six one, six two?". I tell him I'm five eleven and a half. Then he asks me how much I weigh. I laughed and asked him what's up with the questions. He said that he just found out he weighed 300 lbs. and was trying to get a feel for how much other people weigh that were similarly sized (the implication being that he considers that I'm probably gonna weigh in at close to 300 lbs...)

I told him I didn't know.

name url comment

Richard (shudda had a f#%@in pin - stuck 'im - and let the air out of 'im)

mita shut da screw up - sometimez people 'ave da weirdest wayz at attempting conversations eh . . .

make a 'T' that haz HOW DA WOOD I NO* on it (in front) and on (da bac) NO SPLEEKEE INSLISH

oh lol

Richard, you are being unintellegable. Try speaking english. Broken lines of this jibberish is of no value.


I gree...'ow 'bout sum seeemple nglish

John / Gentlemen... please. No flame war on the kacked web site. If Richard wants to exercise his stream of consciousness here that's fine.

Richard thank you John - and for the others - maybe YOU didn't notice John's Title : Say What Mafaco?

Mmmm- wonder what 'Mafaco' means. . . (lol)

Everybody's All American

AmericanCockroach (3k image)Strange. I keep having encounters with large cockroaches. It's weird cause usually when you have a roach problem you see little ones as well. In fact, that's mostly what you would see. At least this has been my experience. Been pretty lucky here to not have had much of a problem with cockroaches.

Lately, about once a week I will encounter a large one which I will track down with a can of bug spray. I spray the fuckers wth what has to be at least 100 times the fatal dose.

Last night I was in the bath reading Stephen King's: "On Writing, A Memoir of the Craft". Not a creepy book--but then I hear this huge rustling noise--like an elephant sneaking through my bathroom. I'm laying there thinking "wtf?", and then I see him. Big fucker. On the other side of the bathroom floor. He's on his back for some reason. Maybe it's because he's just a stupid roach and roaches are good at getting flipped over on their backs but not so good at getting flipped right. I jump out of the tub. The bug spray is right there, so I nail him. Thing is he seemed to already be dying.

I'm not sure what the deal is with these giant roaches. Are they coming out of the drain? Radioactive mutants? And where are their buddies at? The little ones? I mean, these fuckers are big --an inch and a half to two inches. It's a good thing I only see them once a week or so. I'd feel better if I didn't have to deal with them at all.

I think what might be happening is that someone (maybe my neighbor downstairs) is seriously poisoning them. Only the big ones survive long enough to venture to the third floor. I think this would explain the height requirement and last night's back stroking roach.

name url comment

sunil Make sure they don't walk around and on your food with the poison material hanging by their rear end...or else we may have one mutated John here :).

I think they have devised better weapons against roaches.

As an example, sonic weapons are quite effective (against rodents albeit) without the hassles of poison stuff being spread. Here's a link if you want to invest in a "sonic-gun" for pests

and for roaches an "electro-magnetic gun":

Have fun!!

Water Inside Out

faces (2k image)Used to hike a lot in the San Gabriel mountains. Been almost everwhere up there. Many strange and wonderful experiences. Lately I keep thinking about a day trip to Devil's Canyon that I took with my friend Tim. Maybe because Burningman is approaching and I will see Tim there.

We hiked into Devil's Canyon many, many times. Usually starting just before sunrise--we would spend the day there, then hike out.

It was on one of these day trips that we separated for several hours. I sat by the stream for 3 or 4 hours. Looking at the water. Putting my hand in it. Sitting quietly for so long that a herd of deer crossed the stream so close that it felt like as though I were among them.

Thinking ("not thinking") about the water and the way it flowed I noticed or came to realize that seeing the water as flowing downstream is only one way of seeing. It occurred to me that myself and everything that was not the water of the stream was flowing upstream. When I say it occurred to me, I don't mean in an intellectual sense--the way I am trying to get across now. I mean in the sense of experiencing it directly. In the sense of seeing the related-ness of things.

So much of what we take for granted as being real--reality is only learned perception. Only "real" in relation to some reference. It's natural to see terra firma as a fixed reference even when we know that it is not.


superhero (3k image)I don't know what to do with these comics over the long run. I like making them but don't think they really fit in with the site. Maybe another site linked to my weblog but just devoted to the occasional comic. Maybe I should make them more often. Not sure.

Porn | Birthday | Dare | Girl

name url comment

Richard ah, Go Ahead - their cute one's at that !!!

link to kacked - great idea john . . .

Richard Dare was really good - " . . . got 4 back" lol

Winona Forever

WinoForever (2k image)Had dinner with Sunil at the Hari Krishna temple. Noticed that the woman behind the cash register had a Hari Krishna related tattoo. When I commented to her about never having seen one she told me that they were common. It struck me as unusual but given time to reflect I imagine that it is common to get a religous tattoo.

About an hour later I was sitting at a bus stop next to some teenage boys. As they got on the bus in front of me I noticed that one of them had a tattoo inspired by the rap group "Insane Clown Posse". I commented on it and asked him if he had heard the song "Mad Professor". ICP is one of the few rap groups I can hang with lately--the other one being J5 if anybody cares...

Both incidents struck me as a little surreal, and caused me to wonder what they will think of their tattoos later in life.All of us know (or know of) people that got tattoos as a symbol of everlasting devotion [and later found that devotion to not be so everlasting.]

I got a taste of this several years ago when my daughter got her first tattoos. I printed out the Tattoo FAQ and gave her a copy. My position was--if she wanted to get a tattoo fine but the time to understand all the in's and out's of tattoos is before you do it, not after. She didn't seem to see the logic in this viewpoint, insisting that I was against her getting a tattoo. Actually I think this can be one of the elements behind the psychology of getting a tattoo. The need to rebel and define yourself as in charge of your body. And in some sense getting a tattoo can help to define yourself to yourself. At least, that's the intention. As a devotee of Krishna or Insane Clown Posse in these cases.

Sunil showed me that he is listed in "Who's Who in America". Very cool. I wonder, probably the only guy I know that can say that. Another interesting way of having one's self defined. Sunil who? Hang on, let's look in the book and see. I asked him to scan it and give me a copy. name url comment
sunil Eastern philosophy says that the skin is like a clothing. You could look at it in two ways---skin doesn't matter and you can do anything with it including tattoing, or don't worry about you skin so much as to want to "dress it up" with tattoes.

Did you'll know that in ancient times in India, woman had to get their left hand, just above the wrist on the palm side, tattooed with their husband's name. Of course, in those days the tattoo would be justified to be on the person's hand for ever since the concept of divorce did not exist.

The Tattoo FAQ was amazing!

Chatroom Testing

hal- (2k image)Fixed the Java detector gizmo that steers browsers in the right direction when you click on the chatroom link. I would appreciate it if you could test it and see if you get a chat interface. The problem I had with it was that it was steering the IE6 people to the java applet and since IE6 doesn't support Java (Sun/Microsoft primal scream therapy) people were being left in chatroom no man's land.

Now I want to make sure it works with whatever browsers you all can throw at it. Stop in and say hello to Hal. He likes it when you ask him to open the pod bay door. Remember to address him directly (or he will ignore you), like so:

Hal: check your zipper!


What did you have for breakfast Hal?

name url comment

Richard working jest fine - not much time to chat but - did a great job there John . . . later

from michael- ie from warner bros. goes to the perl page but after the loggin it says not found.


recycle (4k image)Looking through my log files I found this danish site was linking to me: screen capture

Curious to see how my site was referenced (mean to me, nice to me, what?) I loaded the page up. Cute. I like the attribution at the bottom:

Design idea is stolen, without permission, from

Hey, that's me!

I can't take credit for the template I'm using. It's by Somara Sen.

I have seen web designers get mad when someone "reuses" their designs or code. I think that's stupid. One of the main ideas of the web is the reusing of other people's stuff. The best way to learn how to code html is using "view source". Besides --I'm reusing my design too... hehe.

Steal This Weblog 1

Steal This Weblog 2

name url comment

sunil Well...It's probably ok to use other's source as long as you CREDIT it!

John / Totally.

Richard . . . dude . . .

    But is it ok to just credit in your source code?

sunil Probably not, because the webpage is the actual medium that people see before they decide on choosing that desirable source code for "copying"

Richard . . . i 'ave these friends - you see - over in Poland - and they have a really great command of programming - well there are quite a few of them and what we could do is . . . (lol) oops - sorry shouldn't joke like that (or should i)

More Sunset Junction

sleater-kinny (4k image)Updated performance schedule for the Sunset Junction Street Fair. Some of it looks fairly interesting. I will probably want to check out some of the DJ's --esp Juan Atkins. Fursure won't be missing Sleater-Kinny. Am I too old for that kind of music? Heh. At a Suicidal Tendencies concert back in the 80's I was sitting in the balcony above the slam pit--a kid with a huge mohawk turned to me and said: "aren't you a little old for these?" Yeah baby!

Look for the guy in front at Sleater-Kinny with the green hair. That'll be me... name url comment
Richard " a little old" what a joke - let's see the f#@in puke be as young and even able to think once he's gotten older *lol . . .
had a thought - ever go to T.J 's RollerDome back then (in Whittier) - i worked with Gary Plylet doing sound during all those slams - the were really great - until some punk-assed screw went + stabbed another punk - buncha f$%#s . . . closed us down lol -

this was the dayz of PUNX ( no fighting / knives / guns ) actually - except for the slamming - there really was a really good 6-7 years of no disasters . . . ah for the ol dayz . . .

Got Durian?

durian6 (8k image)Stopped by The Novel Cafe after having some Hari Krishna food. Don was bragging about having a durian fruit in Foster's refrigerator, so I suggested that he go and get it. He did, and we cut it open right there on the sidewalk in front of the cafe. People were coming out and asking what the smell was. Quite a scene. As usual we were all laughing pretty good. It was amazing how many people were willing to try it. Mostly catholic girls I think. They'll try anything...

Guess we're going to have a bunch of durians with use when we go to burningman. Wow, that's coming up in about two weeks. Yep, two weeks and a day, and I'll be on the road to burningman. Not decided on the hair color yet. Probably stick with tradition and go with green. name url comment
Richard eh john - have a great time at burningman . . .

and btw - why isn't your picture there at The Novel . . . aren't you a part of the fixtures there . . . lol
John / They got those cameras inside there all over the place. Monitoring what everyone is doing. They must have got a great shot of me last night wearing Dan's antler helmet as I ordered an Ebola Cola (you drink it... it eats you!)
Richard guess the next step for them - is to broadcast live webcam from there . . . that would really be something . . .

everyone could see everything and capture certain moments LOL LOL*

ps - go to :

hmmm . . .
Yeah, the hair should be durian green.
John / The color of an unripe durian.

Chatroom Links

chatroom (4k image)Was talking to my brother Daniel about the links to the chatroom. He wants to put a link on his site to the chatroom. I told him it would be ok but that I prefer if people use the Java client to connect. He didn't like that. The java client doesn't work on Internet Explorer 6.0.

I wouldn't really care which client people used to connect but the perl one runs on the server and each instance spawns a niew drain on the ram of the system. No big deal with a lot of ram but the more people that connect the more slowly the server responds --I've tested it. Needs more ram.

Besides, the java client is nicer. Those who have tried both seem to prefer it. Anyway the discussion had the effect on me of reconsidering why I have 3 different chat clients listed on the page. I tested them again and found that there were two java ones. Naturally one of the java ones isn't as good as the other. I eliminated the lame one.

Then I wrote/adapted some code to sniff the browser for java. Now, when you click on the chatroom link you're sent to a page that tests your browser for java. If you have java you're sent to the java client. No java and you get the perl client.

Please test the link (top right) and leave your impressions about how it works. I can't really test it with every type of brower that happens by. But you can... Thanks.

name url comment

Richard excellent - the fact that you are breaking it down to one - is a good idea - and you are to be commended on this effert sir . . . i have the latest IE 6.0.2600.0000IS - 128 Cipher and it is a customizd version of MSIE . . .

here is a brief - that may assist you ?

Based on NCSA Mosaic. NCSA Mosaic(TM); was developed at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Distributed under a licensing agreement with Spyglass, Inc.

Contains security software licensed from RSA Data Security Inc.

Portions of this software are based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

Multimedia software components, including Indeo(R); video, Indeo(R) audio, and Web Design Effects are provided by Intel Corp.

Unix version contains software licensed from Mainsoft Corporation. Copyright (c) 1998-1999 Mainsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Mainsoft is a trademark of Mainsoft Corporation

hope this is of assistance my friend . . .

later . . . let me know :)

Richard almost forgot - it didn't work right . . .

here is what came up John -

" load: class EIRC not found "

Richard . . . eh John - meant to mention - about your brother Daniel's Site - i like his work / site a lot also . . . he does a really great job on it - thanks for that link . . . i have meant to tell you for quite a while now . . . good one sir !!!

Cool Song

bruce (2k image)Charlie Rose is back from open heart surgery. He looks great. Tough hombre...

He rebroadcast an interview with Bruce Springsteen from 98'. Guess Springsteen is going to tour again.

Great interview and at the end Bruce played this song --the original version of "Born in the USA". It's neat.

BruceSpringsteen-CharlieRose-BornInTheUsa.mp3 (3103k file)

name url comment

Richard WOW ! ! ! - never heard Bruce do anything like that before - beautiful . . . it was kinda 'bluesy' and the slide guitar really did it to me . . . quite a nice piece done over again . . . thanks John - for bringing that here . . . gotta admit - you got good taste . . .

and yes - he's going back on tour again

Linux For Sissies

linux (3k image)Story over the weekend on slashdot about the Knoppix linux system on a cd. Sounded interesting so I downloaded and burned a couple. Pretty neat. Maybe I will give them out for christmas.

Takes a little longer to boot than if Linux were installed on the hard drive but that's because it's decompressing software from the cd. Somehow they manage to fit 1.7 gigs of software on a 700 meg cd. It's a lot of software on one cd.

It correctly identified everything in my system --soundcard, cd burner, video card, monitor, etc. Without any configuration hassles I was able to:

  • surf (mozilla, galeon, dillo, konq)
  • play mp3s (and ogg)
  • watch movies (divx even!)
  • burn cds
  • chat on irc
  • login to icq
  • edit pictures using gimp
  • play chess on F.I.C.S. (using my account)
  • run apache web server
  • use webmin filemanager java applet in mozilla
All this without using the hard drive at all.

KDE 3.0 is nice. Seems to be faster than the previous version --and it's just neat to look at.

The cd would make a great intro to Linux --esp. to help increase awareness of all the great free software that is available. Screenshots:

snap1 |snap2 |snap3 |snap4 |snap5 | charisma 1 | charisma 2

Slashdot: Bootable Linux Demo Distro - Knoppix

KNOPPIX Linux Live CD (click the flag for english...)

name url comment

Richard 2 things -

. . . what is an 'audacity' file (smile)

. . . and is the 'knoppix 1' pic capture - really your bedroom / loft (hehe)

you know - it all looks quite impressive and i really like that KSnapshot program . . .

Symphony Pathetique

crap (2k image)What's up with shortening the term weblog to blog? I hate that. While I'm at it --whoever said it was O.K. to pronounce GUI "gooey"? What do we need with words that--when pronounced--make us wonder if we didn't just step in something? Stop! Enough!

I had been missing having random unknown people looking at my weblog. Well --I missed finding their tracks in my server logs, so I started notifying again (since this is the place that random unknown people go to find weblogs.) So I was looking over the listing there --admiring how it listed my weblog --then I started checking out some of the others.

Man. There is a lot of pathetic self obsessed crap out there. Then I started thinking: "maybe my weblog is pathetic self obsessed crap?"

At the form for announcing updates has a space for title. I think when I announce this post, rather than title it "" I will title it "Pathetic Self Obsessed Crap" and see if I don't get hundreds of hits.

Pathetic Self Obsessed Crap

More Pathetic Self Obsessed Crap

name url comment

Richard . . . well - it's 7:07 a.m. - you are beat by 'The Adventures of Mr. Smarty Pants' (#239) and you are # 240 - personally i think you're better than them - but this is my opinion . . . all in jest - your site should be on top ALL the time lol. . .

i've been sending links (and still got a lot to cover) to different people i know and that 'respect' me - where i send them to you and michael's site . . . we'll see if that helps more or less - they have hits up the yin-yang on theirs - so maybe - they'll like yours and - well - the rest will be history (sigh) . . .

Oblique Strategies

eno (3k image)Added a new feature to my weblog/site: Brian Eno's and Peter Schmidt's Oblique Strategies. It's there on the top right (at least for now.) Randomly generated from the database each time the page is refreshed. There are 188 different ones. I took the data from a makefile prepared by Lonnon Foster, who wrote a good summary of what the Oblique Strategies is all about:

"The Oblique Strategies are a creativity tool designed by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt. Originally published as a deck of cards, they are intended to provide an extra creative push when working on artistic pursuits under a tight deadline. When experiencing artist's block, simply draw a card and apply its instructions to the work in progress."

The Oblique Strategies Web Site name url comment
from michael- I used the Oblique Strategies while writing "El Diario De Un Borracho". It didn't tell me what to do. It pulled what I wanted to do out of me. As a result, the movie took an unexpected twist and finished with a flurish. It turned it into a different movie. As a result the subplot loose ends came all together. It did a triple summersault and landed standing.
Richard where on your posts (Michael) did you put those Oblique's - i remember reading an awfully large site by you . . . ???
I never had the Oblique Strategies on my sites.
Richard wasn't it with the Brian Eno writings - a link??? that you did . . .

Hello Kitty

HelloKittyPhone (2k image)A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses how Sony Erricson will be using "guerrilla marketing" to sell their new T68i --a cell phone that includes a digital camera. Basically they've hired a bunch of actors to "use" the phones in public in order to create some buzz. Such phones have been around for a while in Japan:

"...they're being used for schoolgirl prostitutes to flog their wares. Japan's top-selling weekly cites messages posted with photos by schoolgirls who're clearly prostituting themselves..."

Sony Ericsson Campaign Uses Actors To Push Camera-Phone in Real Life

High school hookers use crafty cameras to turn new tricks

name url comment

sunil There doesn't seem to be any innovation here, unless its like a video phone with real time video (then that's cool).

Otherwise, it's just combining and mixing disparate wonder these companies are losing big bucks, since there really isn't any market for a product resulting from combining technologies in an ad hoc manner


Heather-George (2k image)Have you seen this young man? Of course not! He doesn't exist. Back in 99' I did some experimenting with morphing. Looking through my archives I found a few videos of the results. Crude. Fun though. The picture is a cross between my daughter and my son-in-law. Heather and George.

Might be fun to experiment some more with this at some point. I would like to make a gallery of images morphing myself with various other people. Whoever I can get to stand still for a frontal headshot.

HeatherAndGeorge.avi (725k file)

Xmorph Homepage name url comment
sunil interesting...for skin coloration, it has done some sort of averaging, the beard looks especially funny (compare the dark original)
Richard oh boy - and now the fun begins eh? found this program rather interesting . . .

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