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Toon In, Turn On, Wank

ballbusts1a (87k image)

ballbusts2 (100k image)

ballbusts3 (92k image)

sunil||||4|2|28|2002|10|6|1|AM|what the hell is a "kotex" sounds like some sort of a universal sperm:)

BTW just got back from LAX, the airport was evacuated and I had a flight for SF at 9 am. Some sort of baggage not being cleared during screening. Flying sucks. The free world has given into a few goddamn religious assf*ckers! sunil||||4|2|28|2002|11|41|24|AM|are you doing these cartoons using windoze? :)) John||||4|2|28|2002|1|51|1|PM|busted...

what the hell is a kotex? sunil||||4|2|28|2002|6|11|15|PM|hey what did you do with the other newly posted cartoon? BTW it went at a tangent to me, hang in'll be famous soon

All Your Base

The Odd Todd Bust

Get a haircut. Wear something besides that bathrobe. Get a job!

International Herald Tribune: Perils of success in 'Laid Off Land'

sunil||||3|2|27|2002|8|36|32|AM|gimme a break...everyone knows that they are supposed to be actively looking for a job when unemployed and not "charge" for watching cartoons. Clearly he was trading cartoons for cash, and he used sympathy as a catalyst for promoting the trade. In short, you can't have the cake and eat it too. ┐michael?||||3|2|27|2002|7|12|32|PM|It certainly better than hounding people on the street for change. As it is in school so it is in adulthood. The system chastizes creativity. Don't want to be a bum, you better chew gum.

The article doesn't mention that the company that laid him off approached him about buying the rights to the cartoon.

Entertain Yourself

mt_banner_small (3k image)Great editorial that gets to the heart of what new media is all about:

"...This lead, for the longest time, to the sad state where only a small number of people decided what the public was going to see. Also, since these same people convinced all of us over the years that ONLY people that they felt were good enough to promote were worthy of entertaining us, that we should not waste our time entertaining ourselves - only paid for entertainment was worthy entertainment. Worked great till the net came along..."

Megatokyo: the art of gifting

(you have to kind of hunt on the page for this editorial --it's below the graphic on the left)

Fuck PC

bobville (62k image)

This happened at burningman a couple of years back. Ask Dave about it. He still laughs.

sunil||||3|2|27|2002|10|12|26|AM|the cartoons are quite funny. just don't start asking for "suggested donations" yet! :)

John||||3|2|27|2002|12|32|10|PM|Charge? Sheet... you better get me a double capuccino.

Back of the Bus

comic2 (62k image)

I heard this bit of conversation between a couple of guys on a bus last night. This is my first experiment creating my own comic strip.

sunil||||2|2|26|2002|11|4|14|PM|Tsk Tsk...."Race relations 101" at the local chapter of NAACP, John :)) John||||2|2|26|2002|11|45|16|PM|I didn't say it. I'm just reporting the facts. Why is it ok for Spike Lee to use the N word in his screenplays while he finds fault with Quentin Tarentino doing the same thing?

Still, I'm not interested in addressing this issue here so I probably won't leave that comic on my site. It's just the conversation the way I heard it, and I thought it was funny. It just came to mind as a subject when I decided to experiment with making my own cartoon. I'm going to make it a regular feature of my site. The daily cartoon...

Can I think of enough stuff to pull that off? We'll see.

Street War

Passed a couple black folks on the street tonight on my way home from riding the green line. The first one gave me a look like he would as soon kill me as speak to me. The next guy said: "hey cuz, you know a bitch named Casper that lives near here?" I told him no. Casper is an unusual name that I had heard recently in another context:

There is a mexican food place on the corner near where I live. A couple of weeks ago I went there about 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning (for those not good with math, this is late Saturday night.) The parking lot was packed and there seemed to be something going on. As I got closer I could see an ambulance --and could hear converging sirens. I proceded on the assumption that there was a car accident and that I would be waiting in line for my burrito longer than usual. As I entered the parking lot I realised that there had been some kind of scuffle. Some of the employees of the restaurant had come out to see what was going on. A young latina was yelling: "that's f*cked up Casper, I thought you were gonna fight him one on one. I'm gonna tell her you did that." It occurred to me at this point that I probably would prefer the taste of something prepared in my own kitchen, so I headed back [trying to look like the innocent bystander that I was.] I got half way to my front door as several police cars arrived (in a fashion similar to that seen in cop shows) and began detaining EVERYONE.

A couple days later (delayed burrito gratification) I found out from one of the guys at the restaurant that about ten guys had ganged up and beat a guy until he was covered in blood. "Fresh fish" was how he described it.


sunil||||2|2|26|2002|7|51|1|AM|looks like "caspah" is one dead beeyatch now.....hey maybe you can trade info for dough with the two homies. everything is fair now, casper didn't take the guy in the restaurant one-on-one, right?

Battle Royale

br2 (8k image)When I first heard about this movie I wasn't impressed. Sounded like a riff on japanese reality shows. 40 school kids forced to battle to the death didn't sound like my idea of fun. After seeing it though, all I can say is: wow! Not without flaw but overall I highly recommend this film. If you are put off by the description (like I was), reviewing the comments posted at IMDB might help you decide. I put it on recently to entertain my daughter Heather while I finished getting ready to go out. She got to see about 10 minutes before we left. Later she told me that she was so into it that she would have preferred to just finish watching it. She called me the following weekend and said: "George and I are coming over to watch Battle Royale".

Thank you Anthony for loaning me the DVD.

Official Battle Royale Site (english)


KFC Cinema

The Guardian: Film of the Week

Sacred Ground

Went with Michael down to San Pedro to check out Sacred Grounds [coffee house.] As we walked in a woman at the door asked if we were there to see the show. The intuitive answer was: "no, we're just here for coffee". Turns out it was lesbian band night. It didn't say that anywhere and maybe I'm wrong, but the place was full of women that prefer comfortable shoes. Michael pointed out that I had the right shirt on: my lesbianation polo shirt. heh. I don't think anybody noticed (or would give two sh*ts if they did.)

Hey! I'm a lesbian too!

sunil||||6|2|23|2002|11|53|46|PM|Damn...where are all the sexy lesbians you see in porn? All the lesbians in real life don't really seem very attractive. I bet some of `em can sock the pants off of some guys! Did you see any good ones there? John|||/|1|2|25|2002|12|34|27|AM|That's a genre of film that I don't have much appreciation for, esp. the girl girl ones.

There were a lot of attractive women there. They seemed to have a good vibe going too. We weren't allowed to fraternize with them as we "were only there for the coffee..."

I overheard a conversation where two young ladies were discussing the tattoos that one of them had covering her forearms: " Home Depot sawing wood and had kind of a spectator problem..." she said.

The first band we heard had only a guitarist and drummer. The guitarist clearly influenced by Sleater-Kinney. Pretty good in a garage-y sort of way. Two of the songs they played (very tongue-in-cheek) were Hendrix's "Foxy Lady" and Neal Young's "Cinnamon Girl".

The whole thing was very cool, I'm glad we happened by.


Watched another Kiyoshi Kurosawa film last night. While "Charisma" is the least accessable of the three of his films I have seen (the others being "Cure" and "Kairo") it is [paradoxically] also the funniest. Pretty good movie, but I can only think of a few people that I would recommend it to.

While I'm at it I might as well mention that I saw another japanese horror movie recently: "Kakashi". I thought it was terrific and couldn't understand why it had gotten so many bad reviews. Until I read that it was by the director of "Ring". "Ring" being famous for scaring the pants off people I think most people that saw "Kakashi" were expecting more of the same.

Hammer Seeks Tall Nail

tampopo (57k image)I was having dinner with Linda one night at Pepe's Galley. Six japanese girls sitting at the next table all ordered the same identical meal, something like: "western barbeque new york steak". Not just the same entree mind you... everything was identical, including beverage.

Reminded me of a scene in "Tampopo" where business men are all ordering the same thing the boss ordered, except the new employee who is ordering a bunch of gourmet food while the other guys kick him under the table.

Cootie Patrol

Funny post on Monkinut's weblog reminding us all to Wash your hands!

sunil||||6|2|23|2002|8|55|12|AM|Yup...that's the sad truth. Here's what I do:

(1) while opening a public bathroom door from the outside, I use my wrist to press the handle down (or use a tissue to rotate the knob) and get in...on the way out use the paper towel from inside to do the same.

(2) I never shake hands and never touch public computers or keyboards

(3) I ALWAYS carry this lever 2000 antibacterial wash cloths on me/in my backpack (when I had the bike)/in my car glove compartment

(4) When I get home the first thing before getting on the computer or touching anything else is that go to the bathroom and wash my hands with very hot water and use an antibacterial soap with it

(5) I never let anyone touch my keyboards..if someone does, I use the lever 2000 dampt towellettes to wipe the keyboard clean

Man these days you just can't be careful, I see people doing a whole lot of shit, e.g. :(a) digging their noses, (b) scratching their balls, (c) scratching their armpits, and so on...

John Perry Barlow Interviewed

An interesting interview. After you have read the portions I have excerpted here, go to the cnet web site, view their ads and read the rest:

Q: What dissenting stories aren't getting published? What communities aren't being built because of corporate totalitarianism?

A: That's just it: We don't know. We've reached a point where the media are so owned by the large corporations and they live in this tight loop where practically all they can convey is what is already believed. I believe that mass media exists to confirm the hallucinations of the masses. If you want to get a story through that doesn't sync up with the dominant belief system, it's just not going to happen. So who the hell knows what else is going on out there?

Q: To play devil's advocate, isn't Microsoft simply selling a product that millions of people are willing to purchase at their own will?

A: Oh, come on. People aren't willing. Microsoft is giving people what Microsoft wants because it has a monopoly, which isn't based on the value of the product but rather a positive feedback loop in the information economy: Everything is compatible with Windows, ergo, Windows prevails and continues to prevail regardless of its liabilities. It's No. 1 because it's No. 1, period, not because it's valuable. In fact, it's become totally diabolical.

CNET: Trouble ahead, trouble behind

Mike||||6|2|23|2002|7|53|57|AM|Interesting, this on the heels of finding out M$ WMP records a log file with no benefit to the user. I still could not get past the feeling that Barlow is a little bitter from losing 95% of his net (no pun intended) worth, probably on AOL, AT&T and M$ stock

John||||6|2|23|2002|1|5|27|PM|He goes to burningman. I was relaxing in camp at the past burningman and I heard someone passing in the street remark: "yep, last year at this time I was worth a lot of money..."

I think you're probably right about him being bitter. Bet you're wrong about the motive though. I think he feels the same way the digicash guy does (I don't remember his name) when he said in an interview in Wired magazine [I'm paraphrasing of course]: "you gotta tell people, you gotta make them understand --we're at a point in history where things can get really good or really bad. Depending on how these emerging technologies are implemented". I think he's probably bitter because he feels that most people have their heads in the sand, and because of that we're basically all f*cked.

Linux Desktop (again)

I neither disagree or agree with this author's viewpoint. To me the question isn't that important. It seems reasonable to me to use Linux as my desktop operating system, I really don't care if the rest of the world joins me or not.

"The idea expressed in many articles--that GNU/Linux is good for servers but not for the desktop--is a joke. The fact is, Linux will prevail."

Why Linux will prevail

AOL Snail Mail Spam

I couldn't open my snail mail box last night. After about 5 minutes of hassling and muscle flexing (I was impressed anyway) I found that the lock mechanism was jammed by an AOL promotional cd. They're coming now in a DVD case --I don't know, maybe was a DVD. Perhaps with several episodes of "Sex and the City" on it.


It's my brother's birthday today. Happy birthday Daniel.

Communist Chinese Linux

01 (7k image)I'm re-installing Linux on my desktop machine. So I'm updating my site using the Windows install on my DJ box (I know, yuck...) I think I'm going to take the opportunity to test a few other Linux distributions but then it's gonna be a Lo-Fat Linux Desktop for me. Maybe I will even check out the recently released communist chinese version of Linux...

Newsforge: "Red Flag, China's first home-grown Linux distribution, is a good start"

Red Flag Linux Site (English)

Favorite Internet Radio Stations abstract hip-hop ambient electronic ambient electronic

Rudy's Balls

Rudy is telling some interesting stories on his weblog. I don't think I would have the balls to talk about some of the stuff he talks about.

Duke Nukem

train (17k image)

{{popup skywar.png skywar 640x400}}skywar

{{popup tastyburp.png tastyburp 640x400}}the end of tastyburp (eyeball was all that was left of him)

Fuzzy Landing

john7@ (66k image)

[picture by Anthony]|*|Last night's Chinese New Year party at The Balcony. When someone asked me what kind of music I was going to play I could have said that I was looking for the intersection between jazz and hiphop. The song Melissa was asking about is called "Twitchin'" by Tim 'Love' Lee featuring Chantilly Peach from the compilation "Suck it and See".

Government Fear-Mongering

The latest "Cryptogram" has this bit that I thought was pretty funny (I know this is serious, but the way he puts it makes me laugh) :

"...The FBI warned law enforcement and high-tech companies to be on guard for possible terrorist activity that could use or affect the Internet. This could happen at some random time and in some random location. Basically, the FBI wants everyone should worry, but they're not sure about what..."

From the Floor

Just spent the night sleeping on the floor at my friend's house. I'm not using my computer to post this. Makes me feel like such a nomad. It also makes me feel like I want to take a shower and brush my teeth... We watched three episodes of "Sex in the City" last night. A little disappointed, I don't think the series is as good as it was the first season. The other thing it could be [I suppose] is that the show really wasn't intended to be viewed back to back. I got an idea of what each of the main characters were like from watching the first season. But then the idea of the show is to explore various situations about sex --some of which aren't consistent with my idea about the lifestyles of the various characters. The episode in the first season where Charlotte gets involved in a three way --give me a break, she's way to much of a "goody two shoes" for that. I don't know how long the show has been on HBO but the episodes we watched last night made me think it's getting a little tired. It might be that I'm being a little hard on it cause it's intended to be watched once a month so by the time you see the next installment you might not be so tuned into the character's behavior/motivation.

It sounds crazy that I'm talking about this [I think] but to me it's an interesting subject...

In other news: I noticed on slashdot this morning that some nerd proposed to his girl friend. Is that romantic or what?

I was on IRC yesterday and two different people (woman I think; I hope) were hitting me up to be my valentine. The online world sure has become a strange place. I know people that married people they met online. Too weird for me.

Random Links

Random stuff I ran into today that I thought was funny:

DeGraeve's W Girls

HD Bet Weblog (Michael sent me this one)


Osama Porno (caution, Ben Ladin naked)

{{popup cat.png cat attack 640x480}}cat attack

{{popup allyourbinladen.png allyourbinladen 442x369}}allyourbin_laden (Sunil hangs out in some weird places on the net)

Weblogs: What's It All About?

I been wondering this since I started doing it. It's not surpising then that I was able to give my opinions to Rudy --even when he didn't ask for them... hehe. I want to get some feedback on this from you --my treasured readers. Maybe you can also go to Rudy's site and let him know what you think. Here's the story:

Rudy is writing a history of his life (this is all my opinion, you have to go to the source for what he's up to.) He thinks it would work best if every time you go to his site you get a "start here" type thing --the foundation of his story. The "I was born a poor black child..." thing. I sent him a couple emails trying to explain why I think that's a bad idea. I think it's great what he's doing, but I think he might want to rethink how he's doing it. Here are the emails I sent Rudy:

First Email:

I went to your page to see what your latest writing is but it confuses me. I don't get what you are trying to do. I think I can see why you would want to put your first post at the top of the page --I guess that would be for people that were new to your site, so you could explain to them what it was about. Most of the people that go to your site have been there before and have read that post. Making them scroll through your old post to find your latest one --the problem with that is some people are going to go: "ah f*ck it".

I think your idea about making it easier for new people (I think that's what you're thinking) is a good one. But doing it at the expense of it being easy for returning visitors is bad. Weblogs (unlike other sites) are mainly geared towards the returning visitor --your audience. Usually people you know.

On my site I have people that come back several times a day to see what's new. Since what's new is right there at the top of the page it makes it easy to find. Since it's easy to find, they come back on a regular basis.

There's a reason that newpaper headlines are where they are. That's prime real estate. I dig what you are trying to do. I think it might work better if you did it from a link on the sidebar. Maybe right at the top. Something like: "what this site is about" or "about" or "start here" or "if you're new". And then link that to the first post, or to a page that explains what you are trying to do that could also link to that first entry. The feature that keeps a post at the top should really be used (if at all) very sparingly.

Like for a time based announcement:

concert thursday night at 8:00.

After the event the "keep at the top" part is turned off and the entry scrolls on [and into the archives] like the others.

Anyway, the bottom line of what I'm saying is I'm pretty sure you are going to lose viewers if you keep the site the way it is. It's confusing. Some people will be confused by it and not come back. Cause that's the way the web works. People that are surfing have short attention spans. If they can't find what they are looking for in 6 seconds or less they hit the back button.

Cause they know they can find it somewhere else.

That's the way I surf --don't you?

Second Email:

Was thinking some more about this. I think the newspaper analogy is a good one for this situation. Let me see if I can get across why.

You are writing a history of your life. If it were a book it would make sense for it to start somewhere in the past. Just like history books do. That's the way they all work. The bible for instance. I'm sure this is what you're thinking (let me know if this is right please.)

Weblogs are different. Though almost all of them are histories, they are histories that you enter through the current page. It's like the author is turning the pages for you as he writes and as you read. Or a diary that the author leaves open at the current page.

The web turns the way that things are usually written on it's head. Most people that come to a weblog are going to be returning visitors. They are going to be coming there to see the latest thing that has been written. Why make them hunt for it?

I think this article on the site is pretty relevant to this:

Inverted Pyramids in Cyberspace

He talks about the difference between history books/text books and newspapers and why each requires a different writing style and view of time. Weblogs are more like newspapers than history books. When I go to a weblog I'm looking for what's new. Not: "I was born a small black child..." hehe.

This is from that article:

"On the Web, the inverted pyramid becomes even more important since we know from several user studies that users don't scroll, so they will very frequently be left to read only the top part of an article. Very interested readers will scroll, and these few motivated souls will reach the foundation of the pyramid and get the full story in all its gory detail."

Putting stuff that most readers have already seen in the prime real estate forces users to scroll to see what's new. You want whats new to be in the prime real estate... Be kind to your readers and they will come back.

Dancing With Bears

Late dinner with Michael (thanks Michael.) Japanese restaurant that I have driven by many times. One of the places on the south side of Sunset between Tower Records and La Cienega. Tables out front [almost on the sidewalk], gas heaters. French restaurant right next door was so close we were pretty much elbow to elbow with their customers who were speaking russian.

It wasn't so long ago that it was very unusual to hear anyone speaking russian. Much more common now. I think it's great. Wanted to ask them if they knew where to get some good russian techno. Jeepers, even bad russian techno is hard to find. A few years back (when I was driving the Acura) I drove by this same restaurant with Don on our way to Sanamluang. Listening to teriffic russian pop really loud (Don laughing hysterically.) I wish I still had those songs --they were great.

Got Woods?

Helicopter circling overhead again today. Seems like that has been happening 3 or 4 times over the past week or two. Not the kind of neighborhood that makes me want to get a little french poodle and walk him every night. Maybe I should move. Twice I have had friends over for a barbeque and they couldn't get to my place because the entire neighborhood was surrounded by police. LOL. I'm not kidding. My friends still tease me about it.

One benefit of living where I do is that there doesn't seem to be that many subscribers sharing my cable subnet. I get almost 2 meg/sec download speed. As the speed test at dslreports puts it: "connection rocks".


Had brunch at the Hari-Krishna temple today. I think the restaurant there (Govinda's) is one of the best places to eat in Los Angeles.

Got to see some devotees get into an argument. It's been a while since I have been by there. Things have changed a bit. There is a patio area outside, which was where I ate. A guy was watering plants with a garden hose. He appeared to be talking to himself. I realized after reflecting a bit that he was just a devotee and was doing his prayer ritual. I'm not sure what they have to say exactly but I know they use prayer beads to run through a prayer so many times each day. The gardener was using one of those hand activated counter things. The type of device you might see a doorman using at a club to count the number of people inside --in order to respect the fire code. High tech prayer solution I guess. The guy was so into praying that he was not only doing a great job of watering the plants but was also getting the back of my neck.

Every Sunday they have a feast that's free. As my buddy Dave says: "the food is terrific and you can't beat the floor show".

Somebody Figure This Out

I have done this like six times and it got me everytime. Maybe I'm stupid but I can't figure out how it works. Can you?

Warning: don't read the comments if you want a shot at figuring this out for yourself.


I'm watching Quincy Jones being interviewed on Charlie Rose. He tells a story about his personal experience of racism: he says he doesn't drive so Peggy [Lipton] is driving their Mercedes. They were dressed up cause they're coming or going to some party. They get pulled over by LAPD in Westwood. The first thing the police do is to separate them and ask him: "what's her middle name?" I guess this is kind of a "pimp sobriety test". Like closing your eyes and touching your nose. You would think maybe they would just recognize them...

Gasoline and Water

I was just telling Michael about the time I set myself on fire. Not sure I want everybody to know about that, but here I am talking about it. An accident (kind of.) Talk about excitement.

Windows... Just Say No

The following is in response to a comment that Sunil made to my last post:

You might have heard that M$ is not writing any new code this month --all their efforts are directed at "fixing" the security problems of their software. I don't think this equals "bugs... fairly ironed out in XP".

Your comment about there not being "...many commercial apps for linux..." makes me think that you are missing the point about Linux. It's like saying: "people will start using Linux when it is just like Windows".

Well, I'm using Linux now because it is NOT like Windows. I don't find the way that Windows works to be particularly enlighted. For example: when I clicked on a text document I would frequently get a dialog that says: "this document is too large to open with notepad would you like to open it with wordpad?" Does anybody ever click no? The way I see it the message behind this dialog is: "Hey cheap-ass: you should pony up the cash for M$ Word so that when you click on big documents you won't get this stupid dialog box!"

This is just one example of Windows behaving poorly. Anybody that uses Windows knows what I'm talking about and probably has many examples of their own. They've just gotten used to putting up with them. Well... I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore.

I think Windows is a good deal... for you! I'm not trying to get anybody to switch to Linux. Just reporting what I find as I go.

Open Source on the business desktop -- a real world analysis

Explaining Enron

Feudalism: You have two cows. Your lord takes some of the milk.

Fascism: You have two cows. The government takes both, hires you to care for them, and sells you the milk.|*|Communism: You have two cows. Your neighbors help you take care of them and you share the milk.

Totalitarianism: You have two cows. The government takes both, denies they ever existed and drafts you into the army. Milk is banned.

Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell one and buy a bull. Your herd multiplies and the economy grows. You sell them and retire on the income.

ENRON Venture Capitalism: You have two cows. You sell three of them to your publicly listed company, using letters of credit opened by your brother-in-law at the bank. Then execute a debt/equity swap with an associated general offer so that you get all four cows back, with a tax exemption for five cows. The milk rights of the six cows are transferred via an intermediary to a Cayman Island company secretly owned by the majority shareholder who sells the rights to all seven cows back to your listed company. The annual report says the company owns eight cows, with an option for one more.

--provided by John van T.

Why I Use Linux

I don't agree with everything he says (I'm unemployed and he's CEO at Redhat, so what do I know?) but this quote reminded me of why I use Linux:

"...That's the power of this model. We literally have the smartest people across the planet working on this stuff. And we have an engineering team that is bigger than anything even Microsoft can put together..."

Q&A: Red Hat CEO says Linux won't rule

There is no Corruption

Woke up this morning with that Beatles song "A Day in The Life" playing through my mind. Marveled again at the craft of the Beatles --how did they do that? Then I found that my web server was down. Rebooted (old Windows habits die hard; not always the best thing with Linux...) and then there was some corruption on one of the partitions. After some hassle (and a little more learning) it's back. Might be some merit to the occasional backup.

Harajuku Part 3

I thought it would be easy to find stuff on the web about the fashion scene in Harajuku. It is... kind of, but most of what I found was by westerner's for western comsumption. At first I assumed that this was because of the language barrier (I don't speak japanese, not much anyway.) I think the real reason though is because the internet hasn't caught on in Japan the way it has in the west.

I did manage to find a copy of a japanese television program about street fashion in Harajuku. Here are some screen captures:

{{popup harajuku-002.png harajuku-002 352x264}}one {{popup harajuku-001.png harajuku-001 352x264}}two {{popup harajuku-003.png harajuku-003 352x264}}three {{popup harajuku-012.png harajuku-012 352x264}}four {{popup harajuku-015.png harajuku-015 352x264}}five {{popup harajuku-016.png harajuku-016 352x264}}five {{popup harajuku-020.png harajuku-020 352x264}}seven {{popup harajuku-022.png harajuku-022 352x264}}eight

These are meant to be viewed in sequence:

{{popup harajuku-026.png harajuku-026 352x264}}one {{popup harajuku-027.png harajuku-027 352x264}}two {{popup harajuku-028.png harajuku-028 352x264}}three {{popup harajuku-030.png harajuku-030 352x264}}four {{popup harajuku-031.png harajuku-031 352x264}}five {{popup harajuku-035.png harajuku-035 352x264}}six {{popup harajuku-036.png harajuku-036 352x264}}seven {{popup harajuku-037.png harajuku-037 352x264}}eight {{popup harajuku-038.png harajuku-038 352x264}}nine {{popup harajuku-039.png harajuku-039 352x264}}ten {{popup harajuku-040.png harajuku-040 352x264}}eleven {{popup harajuku-041.png harajuku-041 352x264}}twelve {{popup harajuku-042.png harajuku-042 352x264}}thirteen {{popup harajuku-043.png harajuku-043 352x264}}fourteen


Looking for some Japanese HipHop to play on Saturday. Found an interesting article about the music scene in Japan. I like the way today's background looks, but still... it's a bit much eh?


Webcam is Back

Webcam is back online.

Email Notification Blues

Greymatter sends an email notification when someone posts a comment to my site. This new server I'm using is running Postfix rather than the older less secure Sendmail. I haven't been able to get that feature working yet, but now I know why. Postfix provides a Sendmail compliant stub program but you need the proper permissions to run it. Since the web server is running with a minimum of permissions it's not able to utilize that email feature. I'll figure it out, just maybe not today. Always a trade-off between security and comfort. Hack this ma-facko.

Ground Zero

Tonight, in the parking lot of my local supermarket, a woman called to me from her SUV: "hey! you speak english?". I approached her window expecting to provide directions. As I stepped closer I noticed a look of desperation, and realized that she has something else in mind. She said: "I don't want your money, I'm trying to feed my kids, if I could get you to have sex with me..." Surprised, I glance at the faces of the three children inside before quickly walking away.

Designer Email To The Rescue

Used a tool called Reptile to create all the new backgrounds. It's terrific --these guys make good software. Unfortunately it only runs on Windows so I installed it on my DJ box. The installer makes you go through some registration key request nonsense (I guess nothing's free eh?) You have to enter your email and then the installer accesses their server which emails a key to the address you provide. Sounds like a recipe for spam to me. I managed to get the key without compromising my email address by creating another email address on the fly. Since I've got my own mail server (expressly for this purpose...) I created an email account like so: that forwards to my real email address. If I get spam addressed to that email address I will know that I got screwed (by a sausage?) and can shut off the account. Kind of a first line of defense. Life can be so complicated...

Web Server Re-install

Just finished switching the Linux distribution that my web server runs on from Mandrake to Trustix. Mandrake is a good starter kit/intro to Linux but it's more of a desktop distro. Just got done bringing my site back up. No GUI on the server now, everything is command line only. Had to edit the path information in a bunch of cgi files using VI. I feel rugged, like I just roped a cow or something...

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