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Linux DJ Part 2

dj-boy (3k image)I got so frustrated trying to use Windows 2000 to DJ with that I blew it off and installed Linux again. Screw it. I can't even cut and paste in Windows anymore without getting pissed off. LOL.

Friends don't let friends use Windows.

So far so good: Linux DJ Screen Capture

Got it working with two different sound cards. Tomorrow I will set it up to work with two identical soundcards (one for each "turntable".) Try doing that on Windows...

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Richard 'Try do'in Dat an' win dos' - by Scream Rapture Dude - hey, a new song for you John - hehe

Richard eh john - just realized your "So far so good: Linux DJ Screen Capture" line if taken for the pic on your page - is really good - it depicts a reversal of time - when you were younger eh?

John / What is the price of crack there in McArthur Park?

Richard i wish there were 'smilies' here - i would post, uhm maybe 100 of them here right now - good one j

Norwegian Rat

rat (3k image)The scene: Hampton Drive about a week ago near Digital Domain (not far from the big Barophski sculpture of the ballerina clown.) About 11 p.m., I'm walking along and up ahead I see what looks like an armadillo. Since I've never seen an armadillo I hastened to catch up.

I snuck up on the armadillo so as to get a good look at it. When it realized that I was there right behind it, it turned around and gave me a look. It was a rat. A HUGE rat. Honest to god the thing was as big as a large cat.

He looked at me very cooly, as if to say: "yeah, I'm a giant rat, so what?" name url comment
Richard eh john - love that coon [ masked bandit ] in the pic - he's f@$#**g huge man . . .

ps - there are cockroaches in florida that are about 6 -7 inches long - and they actually bite you - no joke . . .
John I don't think that it was a rat you saw. Close but no cigar. What you saw was a possum. They look like a rat but I think that a rat would have gotten hat when he saw you fast. Possums are indigenous to California. Funny cause I happened to see one outside my front door just last night. I can see why you would think it was a rat. I ran over one on my motorcycle just after I entered the state of Washington. I thought that I was going to go down. Fortuneatly I hit it square.
John / Maybe. I was pretty close to it. I'm not going to say I know a rat when I see a rat. I was as close to it as if were standing in front of the Novel chatting. Guess we better break out some possum pictures.
John / After reviewing the possum pics that came up by searching at I can see why you would think that what I saw was a possum. But now I'm even more convinced it was a rat. I was basically face to face with it. LOL. It was a rat. He did look pretty well groomed though.
There are rats that are as big as a cat. But they are Norweign rats. Not indignous to California.
John / It must have been an imported rat.
John / Or maybe it was an atomic powered rat. I seen it on late night with David Letterman.
maybe its a rat that feeds on cats :)-sunil

Environmental Conscience

bird (2k image)Waiting for the bus the other day there was a woman feeding the pigeons. Came prepared. She tore up several pieces of bread. Basically a whole loaf. As a result we were surrounded by pigeons. Filthy. Nasty. Pigeons. They're like rats with wings. I started laughing because it reminded me of the central monologue from the film "Monsieur Hire". In the monologue the protagonist is sitting in a sauna with a prostitute that he has hired. He doesn't have sex with her--he's paying for her to listen. He describes an old woman famous throughout Paris for feeding birds--even being featured on postcards. A long speech, but the part that I was reminded of and that made me laugh was that it was discovered after the old woman died... that she had been feeding the birds poison.

Monsieur Hire name url comment
This reminds me of a story that a best boy at the studio that I work at told me. For quite a few years now the studio has had a policy of feeding and even importing cats to the backlot of the studio. The cats shit all over the place. There have been stages that had problems with fleas and the feeding stations draw a lot of flys. We were always wrapping our cable after cats had crapped on it.

Well this best boy saw the woman that he said is paid 35,000 dollars a year to feed the cats at one of the feeding station. He went over and started getting in her face about the problem with the cats. He was really getting hot. I forget how it got to this, but he ended up calling the studio operations to complain. They sent out a specialist to talk to the best boy. In the meeting he voiced his objections. In the process the specialist started seeing all the pigeon shit that was behind the facades there on the backlot. He said to the BB, "I want you to leave this building right now". Turns out that pigeon shit is one of the most dangerous substances around. The studio started trying to clean it up. I think he said it ended up costing like 35,000 dollars. And they didn't get rid of the pigeons. They are still merrily crapping.

There was also the time that I was working inside some backlot buildings and the rigging gaffer complained about cat crap in the buildings. So they had, while we were still working in the buildings, laborers come out and start cleaning. So all that stuff became airborn. As a result, I got an infection in my throat and mouth and ear. My tongue ached and like locked up. Had to take antibiotics, which I hate to take.
Richard there was a group - downtown la - that started a new studio building - 4th & Main - the 'Canadian Building' - when they first started cleaning up years of pigeon shit in the old building - quite a number of them died from that exposure - there was a gallery with Gary Worrell and Denis Goddard there called 'Exile on Main Street' too bad for those laborers' eh?

Car Jacking

muscleman (2k image)Everybody has heard stories like this. This one is mine...

Several years ago back when my daughter would spend alternate weekends with her estranged dad, my ex-wife's replacement husband (what the hell is his name again?) gave Heather a ride over to my house. My car wasn't working or something. Don't remember the details. And he was having trouble with his car. An older BMW, the suspension was blown out on it. Wheel wells rubbing against the tires. Smoking, stinking and peeling rubber off the tire the way a lathe would. He managed to get to my house by stopping frequently to stuff pieces of asphalt under the car in such a way as to temporarily lift the car.

He asked if there was something he could use instead of the pieces of road. So, I proceeded to cut up some wood that I had while he jacked up the car. I was working on my balcony using an electric drill as a saw. It was the best I had. As I would cut the pieces Heather would run them downstairs so he could work them under the car.

I hear him screaming down in the street, so I ran down from the third floor to find that the jack had come loose--trapping him under the car on the driver's side. I went to the bumper and set myself like a weight lifter would. I intended to try and lift the car enough that he might be able to pull himself free. One of those high stress situations where the memory is very intense and seems to play in slow motion. I lifted the rear of car completely off the ground. The bumper came up to the level of my chest. I remember feeling that if I had wanted to I could have flipped the car over completely.

I know this sounds far fetched. I had trouble with it myself so later I asked Heather if I had lifted the back of the car off the ground. "You sure did, that was amazing!" name url comment
Geez...sure don't want you pissed off at me buddy :))
Richard this is something that usually happens with one's adrenalin and you achieve strengths you previously didn't know you had - btw - did he survive that 'crush' ?
John / He survived. A couple Advil and he was fine.

Sunset Junction Street Fair 2002: Performance Schedule

Have a beer at a carnival populated by leather daddies, gang bangers, and phillipino transvestites...

August 24, 2002:

wbbear (2k image)Mary Wilson

Arthur Adams

Monde Generator


Sonic Youth

August 25, 2002:

Chaka Khan

Scherrie Payne

Pansy Division


DJ Colette

Sunset Junction Street Fair 2002: Performance Schedule

Ooey Gooey Anti-Depressant

"...scientists suspect semen will have the same effect onwomen regardless of how they are exposed to it..."

Hormones in Semen Shown to Make Women Feel Good

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any women out there wanting to feel real good? Highest quality and pure found right here :))--sunil

Rain In The RIAA

Good article sheds some light on the recent death of internet radio:

Cuban Says Yahoo/RIAA Deal Was Designed To Stifle Competition

Come To Dada

comic (15k image)

Yeah, I know. It's kind of a lame comic. It was totally machine generated though. Kind of a computerized exquisite corpse comic...

name url comment

did hal contribute to this comic? :)--sunil

Spanking The Monkey

monkey (1k image)Did anybody notice? Webcasting got it's ass kicked yesterday.

The Librarian of Congress has decided that webcasters will pay $500 per day. This fee applies whether you have 1000 listeners or 10. This puts webcasting beyond the means of all but commercial interests (I think maybe this was the point.) Stupid.

Remember back when you had to register your printing press? Well, probably you don't. The idea of people communicating with each other without the mediating influence of business doesn't sit well with some folks. That's what I think anyway. Hopefully this will be different soon.


Soma FM

Save Internet Radio

The Information Age and the Printing Press: Looking Backward to See Ahead

Hot Party

firecrachers (20k image) name url comment
somehow the garphics are not showing on opera today, did you change something? they work with ie--sunil
John / Sometimes you hit one of the little buttons that are just above the browser window on the top left. The one that looks like a camera turns images on and off I think. I used to use it more--it's faster to surf without images. It's so close to the back button that sometimes it gets hit by accident.

Shell Game

compare (3k image) I made this graphic to illustrate a point. On the left are the window control widgets from Mac OS X. On the right the equivalent widgets from Windows ME. Left side attractive, right side ugly. The quality of the Windows screen capture does't really do it justice but I think everybody pretty much agrees, Mac OS X is a hell of a lot more fun to look at than MS Windows is.

The point that I want to make though is about ease of use and design for ease of use. Compare the widgets--it's not intuitively obvious what the Mac widgets do... Not to mention the possible problems that being color blind would pose. Assuming that one was not color blind though--what indication is there of what the three buttons do? They kind of remind me of the scheme that traffic lights use (in fact Anthony pointed this out) but I'm not sure how this helps us understand what the buttons do.

Check out the windows widgets. Maybe it's from having used Windows but it seems to me that the functions of the three widgets is fairly obvious. Minimize, maximize and close. Now... how to find the equivalent functions among the colored marbles? Let's see if I can suss this out... red is the traffic signal for stop so maybe that means close the window. Green is for go, maybe that button means maximize? Yellow means caution so... hmm. Maybe it's not a great metaphor. I have no idea which button does which function, maybe someone can point this out in a comment.

A couple people pointed out that if you mouse over the marbles symbols appear on them. That's cool, but what's the point of that? Why not just have the symbols there all the time? I wonder if the symbols are the same ones that appear on the Windows widgets...

One of the requirements for being a fighter pilot is to not be color blind. The cockpit of a jet fighter is a complicated place. The safety of the pilot, the machine and other people depends on the ability of the pilot to take in and respond to information very rapidly. It makes sense that there are no colorblind fighter pilots.

Does it make sense to place the same restrictions on our operating systems? I don't think so. I pointed this out to some of my friends. They all responded that they didn't think it was a problem. Once you learn which button does what you remember it's function.

It seems fairly obvious (to me) that something other than good usability was driving the design of Mac OS X. I'm pretty sure that someone at Apple must have pointed this out. I think the answer was: "yeah, but it sure looks cool."

I got a little frustrated with my friends. None of them (the Mac users anyway) seem capable of admitting that it was a poor design decision.

"In The Beginning Was The Command Line" : "In retrospect, this was telling me two things about people's relationship to technology. One was that romance and image go a long way towards shaping their opinions. If you doubt it (and if you have a lot of spare time on your hands) just ask anyone who owns a Macintosh and who, on those grounds, imagines him- or herself to be a member of an oppressed minority group."

Going Glanceable : The importance of clear icons: "Human-Computer-Interface professionals like to speak in terms of interfacing with computers, while in truth no one else is interested in interfacing with computers; the rest of the world is interested in interfacing through computers, interfacing with their information and with other people. This becomes difficult when you have to stop and try to figure out what every thing is, what everything does every step of the way."

My point isn't to bag on Mac OS X. I think it's been a pretty good thing for my friends that use it. Personally I would rather look at Mac OS X than Windows any day. Let's get some perspective though. Nice looking isn't the same thing as good usability. It's a pretty limited example, but if I can't get my Mac buddies to admit that this is the obvious boner that it is... what's the point of further discussion?


Top 10 Reasons the Apple Dock Sucks

name url comment

From sunil----Hey great article! The only point of contention being that it is important to have a good HCI (human computer interaction/interface) for the precise reason you talked about...the itnerface with the computer has to be simple and yet sophisticated

No More Shugar With Morning Coffee

Scott Shugar, the guy that started "Slate Today's Papers" died in a diving accident. Been trying to figure out how to get that content automatically each morning. Reading the memorial on slate I see that (thanks to Bill Gates) it's possible to get it by email each morning:

"The first day Today's Papers appeared, we got a message from Bill Gates asking when we were planning to make it available by e-mail... Miraculously, following the chairman's inquiry, we had e-mail delivery going within barely a week. Soon hundreds of thousands were getting Today's Papers by e-mail, and similar numbers were reading it on the Web."

"Scott Shuger was, in a way, the first complete Internet journalist, in that the Internet was essential to both his input and his output, and the result was something new and useful that couldn't be done before. Without the Internet, Scott couldn't have read five newspapers from across the country—and done it before the paper editions were even available. With the Internet, Scott could even write the column—about the day's major American newspapers, remember—from Berlin, where Debora Shuger had a visiting fellowship in 2000-2001. Scott used to say that the best place to write Today's Papers from would be Hawaii, where, he claimed, it would almost be a normal 9-5 job."

What a great job--stay up late, read all the major newspapers and make smart remarks. The ultimate weblog: Slate Today's Papers.

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Richard . . . may he rest in peace.

Browsers -- Get Over It

gatesmug (2k image)Much was made over this portion of an interview with Marc Andreessen. Neither the interviewer nor Andreessen seem aware that the Opera web browser is not open source.

The thing that people are missing is that it's over for the browser. It's a commodity. The future of the web (for software developers) has more to do with machines talking with other machines using custom applications than it does with people using browsers.

In other words, the reason he's clueless about browsers is cause he has moved to the next plateau of the internet revolution. I need to figure out some way to keep up with him.

"IDG: How about just the idea of having an open source browser, the Opera Web browser for instance.Is that beneficial to users or developers?

Andreessen: How much (browser) market share does Opera have?

IDG: Let's pretend Opera has a 93 percent market share. Does it make a difference that its code is open source?"

Andreessen Interview: Browser wars aren't coming back

Slashdot: Andreessen on the Browser Wars

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Richard "CSS Competition - is sponsoring a CSS competition in which one lucky winner will receive a domain name and 20MB of free PHP hosting for one year"

Kacked Wiki

sandbox (6k image)What's a wiki? Still figuring it out myself. I guess it's a way where ANYBODY can add content to my site--at least in the wiki section. Play with it:

kacked wiki

wiki sandbox (the sandbox is where the impatient people will want to go first...)

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Richard wikiwikiwoo!!! the illus is funny man . . . r


dadaPut several bots in the chatroom. People join and leave if I'm not around. This way at least they'll have something to look at while they are there. Sample conversation:

witchypoo: I want to talk about religious beliefs!!!

dorothy: noho: You must not eat and have a fight with swearing!

witchypoo: hal: DATING: Looking for love? My name is CorpsesetteD'Crusty sheets and I like to hold fidgeting juice. I'm looking for aman with a thundering personality and damaged body, who will give me ascientific relationship. Please call!

hal: Try saying that with more or less context. I am very pleased tomeet you corpsesette d'crusty sheets and i like to hold fidgeting juice.You might find that I am . Thanks for asking politely. Call meanytime.

name url comment

    it looks real good. However, like I mentioned, why dont you embed a delay between conversations for the foll. 2 reaons:
  1. The conversations don't cause the screen to scroll down rapidly, and

  2. the conversation looks more "natural"

Richard have friends [in the StreetScapers] that named me the "Canadadaist" - so i'll now start with a new 'term' = canadadaist-botics

afterthought - what if canada+united states were one country, eh?

On The Internet No One Knows You Are Not a Lesbian

When I worked at gaywired we were developing a chatroom. The first version was introduced on the "sister site" Lesbianation. Early in development I would go on posing as a lesbian. My handle was blowfish. I didn't really go on there and chat a lot though we were encouraged to do so. We were trying to get a lot of people in there at once to see if we could break it.

One time I was in there chatting with a woman from Seattle. I told her that when I'm in Seattle my friend usually takes me to the lesbian beach (topless is fairly common there) at Denny Blaine on Lake Washington.

This really perked her interest, she goes to that beach frequently herself. She tells me that I should look her up the next time I come up to Seattle. Most embarrassing. What could I do? Tell her I was a software developer pretending to be a lesbian in order to test the chatroom?

name url comment

    he he, you p&$$* teaser. you could dress up as a woman and do it :))

Richard hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha . . .

there'z that old sense of humor ! send her a 'pic' of yourself [fixed up]

Richard forgot to mention - the pic u can send - maybe a blowfish. hehehe!

My Small World

potato (3k image)Been on business in Boston twice. The first time as an "epoxy expert". Company in Chelmsford was developing a robot that we would use in an assembly process. I was the guy with the hi-tech glue that the robot would use. The second time, about 10 years later, I'm a software expert.

For this trip I decide that I don't need a car. Took a shuttle from the airport to a small town near Lowell. You think you can just order some food off room service right? Wrong. Room service was shutdown by the time I checked in. I ask at the desk where I could go to get some food that's local. Turns out there is a fast food place down the road. So I walk to the fast food place. No sidewalk, kind of a country road probably similar to the place where Stephen King was struck by a car [I imagine.] As I'm walking there it starts raining. The fast food place is closed except for the drive thru. What am I going to do--I'm hungry right? I get in the drive thru line. I'm not in a car. It's raining. When it's my turn at the drive thru window she tells me to hurry up and order --it's against their rules to not be in a car...

I'm vegetarian. The only thing I can find on the menu that looks like something I can eat is french fries or baked potato. I'm hungry so I order both. No where to eat at the fastfood place. I trundle back to my hotel room.

Put on the tellie. I'm eating my baked potato and french fries [that are probably contaminated with animal fats..]--the TV is showing a documentary about gang activity in Los Angeles. The footage was shot by gang girls--they gave video cameras to the girls and asked them to secretly film gang activity for a week or so. Interesting idea for a show. As I'm watching the video it dawns on me that it's all been shot like a block or two from my apartment. On my street.

name url comment
he he. quite a story. so do you recognize any of the homies from the vid--sunil
Richard mi vida loca, eh?

More Chatroom

Trying to figure out how to make the chatroom more accessable. If you have any suggestions let me know. Installed a couple more interfaces to the chatroom. Please, if you have time try them and let me know which ones work, which ones don't, and what browser you were using. Also let me know which you prefer:

EIRC (java)
Jive (java)
CGIIRC (perl)

If nobody is around try chatting with hal. He's a bot, but sometimes he says interesting stuff. Just remember to always include his name in whatever you say to him or he won't respond. Have fun.

Again, I'm interested in whatever feedback I can get on this. If it works, if it doesn't work, what the browser was. How easy it was to use, etc.

name url comment

Richard Wednesday - June 12 :

EIRC (java) says - "load: class EIRC not found"

Jive (java) says - "exception: java.lang Nullpointer Exception

CGIIRC (perl) - GOT IT . . . as you know . . .right on ! ! !

both applets for java crashed with opera--sunil

Richard nothing man - using IE 6 upgrade / fixes - Java enabled . . . but nada [Tuesday 2:51pm]

Richard it keeps saying - not loading -

Blazed and Refused

cockette (4k image)My friend Tim's review of a recent film:

I saw an interesting film at the festival... It was called "The Cockettes" a documentaryabout the famous SF performance group of trannies. (The ticket seller, when I bought them in advance,pronounced it "cock-e-tees", to avoid being embarrassed??). Anyhow, it was an interesting bit of history that put some pieces together for me.

It was about the hippy acid freak drag queen scene that started in theKaliflower commune. It started with a hippy name Hibiscus who would dress in glitter and vintage dresses, and drop acid andsit in trees in the park singing tunes from "Showboat".He attracted a small group of followers, much likeJesus, and started his own commune. Everyone lived in communes, which would tend to be composed of people of similar persuasions, which would barter amongst themselves for goods and services. For instance, there wasthe mechanics commune which would fix things for everyone.

This was the glorious early days of the welfare state when nobody earned money, and people could fund their lifestyle with state funds (Gov Reagan eventually cut off the funding and ended that era, with a speech in which he said everyone should "just grow up".)

There was a theater in SF which would show underground and vintage films from midnight to dawn every Saturday, things like Kenneth Anger films and old musicals and people would do drugs and hang out all night. Hibiscus and his friends didn't have any money one night, so they made a deal to get on stage and do a 10 minute show in exchange for seats for the movies. The crowd loved it, so next week they did it longer, and eventually it turned into a big scene with audienceparticipation.

Basically it was a bunch of freaks getting naked and singing and dancing in costumes on acid.I had of course seen the pictures of bearded, long haired hippies in glitter and period piece dressescavorting about, but had never really understood the context.

The shows got bigger, and illuminati of the day started showing up, and soon it made national press as a signof the "new theater". John Waters was there, and in the interview, he said it was this wild mix ofcrossdressers, transgender, straight, gay, and all persuasions doing everything together. In his words: "Itwas total sexual anarchy, which is always a great thing". As a side note, he invited Divine (Harris Glenn Milstead) to come to SF and join them. Milstead was not yet living as Divine, but flew from Baltimore to SF in drag, andwas greeted at the plane by a big group of enthusiastic freaks. From then on, he lived as Divine.

It allended badly when they hit the big time and were invited to Broadway for a world premiere. The New Yorkersfled the show and it got panned when it was revealed that they really had no talent at all. Apparently doing ashow naked on acid unrehearsed was not enough for the hardened New Yorkers.An interesting bit of history.

As the filmmaker who introduced the film said " I hope it makes you want to dobad things".

The Cockettes

Solar Eclipse

sun_max (1k image)Don't forget to check out the eclipse.

Griffith Observatory: Partial Eclipse of the Sun Monday, June 10, 2002

name url comment

does this mean of some ominous news coming in -- sunil

Richard . . . and it didn't even get dark - damn . . .

The Problem of The Physical World

The are emotional issues surrounding what it means to love books. For example: there certainly is a fetish aspect to books that even some women share. Recently a couple of young ladies were telling me about how they loved the smell of paper in old library books. They said that " smelled like public urinals...". I'm not making this up.

There is a similar thing happening with music. Many have lamented the vanishing record album cover. Digital media is by it's nature more ephemeral than what has come before. Maybe this is what people are upset about. It's more intangible. This is also what makes it so cool. I like to think of mp3s as "music like water". Having less of a physical form that a cd, an mp3 doesn't really take shape until it is "poured" into a container. E-books are the same way.

I noticed this effect when I was looking over my Frankin Planners recently. They're a record of what I was doing when I was using them. By switching to a digital means of performing the same planning/time scheduling tasks I have been left without a similar tangible record.

Not On The Soundtrack

matrix2 (3k image)"...The gang is being chased into the subway by the evilHUGO. KEANU has lost all of the eight trillion guns hehad, but he's still wearing his black trenchcoat andeight trillion dollar sunglasses, so he's still very BADASS. The group members need to each pick up the phone one at a time in order to exit.."

The Matrix: The Abridged Script

A.L.I.C.E. Bot

logo (5k image)Got that IRC java client working late last night. Then realized--what if people try and use the chatroom and I'm sleeping? So this set me off on a mission to get a bot installed in the room. Give people someone to talk to in case I'm not around. Not that the conversation would be that interesting but then at least people could test the web irc client. I'm hoping that more people will use the chatroom now that it's available through the web.

Try the chat room. Come say hi to the bots. You have to speak to them directly or they won't respond. Like so (actual conversation from the chatroom):

Dave: open the pod bay door hal

hal: I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that right now.

Dave: open the pob bay door hal

hal: I'm sorry, , I can't do that right now. This conversation no longer serves any purpose.

A.L.I.C.E. Bot

A Conversation with Dr. Richard Wallace

Kacked IRC Chatroom

Friday night Michael asked me if there was a way to chat in my irc chatroom with just a browser. I had never thought about it though I knew there were java applets for doing just that. It was a pretty good idea he had there...

So, I just setup one of the java applets. Try it out in your java enabled web browser:

Kacked Chat Room

(just don't expect to catch me in there before sometime after noon...)

name url comment

    If this is your first experience with irc it might be a help to you if you check out this newbie irc page:

you'll be glad you did!

El Lay Story

Odd Todd-ish sounding guy blathering on about his experiences in El Lay. Very funny. I wish I could write like this:

"...Worked for a porn web site. I don't know what I can say about this that I haven't already said. Basically working for a porn site and pornographers is really fucking cool for a short while. Do work there if you like naked women, free drugs, and like to watch people burn out. Don't work there if you have a girlfriend who thinks you get blow jobs all day..." L.A. Story

name url comment

Richard like the 'capped' Don't . . . hehe

Santa Monica Pier's Twilight Dance Series

Free Thursday Evening Summer Concerts

on the Santa Monica Pier

concerts start at 7:30 p.m.

June 27Shuggie Otis and the Brothers Johnson
July 3Jazz On The Latin Side All Stars
July 11Eileen Ivers Band
July 18Laura Love and Rosie Flores
July 25Rachid Taha and Natacha Atlas (not to miss)

August 1Graham Parker
August 8Morgan Heritage
August 15Delbert McClinton
August 29 Jefferson Starship

Gee, if I see Jefferson Starship it means I gotta miss Burningman...

The Way Doug Remembers Burningman

Just changed the site logo for the MT theme. It's a cropped version of a composite that Doug made which captures the antics of me and my friends at burningman. Maybe better a little pixelated cause of some of the stuff it catchs me doing...

Official Burningman Site

of Playa, Skin and Fire

MT Theme courtesy Somara Sem

About Reading

book (3k image)I don't understand why people react the way they do when I talk about reading books on my pocket computer. Maybe that's not the best way to start this post since my intention is to discuss what I think might be behind it. It's the not understanding part and the curious part that makes me think about it and draw certain conclusions.

Is anybody comfortable reading stuff from a web site? It seems to be the case that when someone has some extensive reading (meaning more than just surfing) they will generally print out the material and take it to their favorite lounge chair--or assume whatever the comfortable position is for reading. Generally that's not in front of a computer. My contention is that the "reading comfort factor" comes less from the fact that the text is on paper than that paper affords one the option of having a more comfortable positiion while reading (I kind of like reading in the bath myself--it seems to take less water to fill it lately.) In other words: it's hard to recline and read using a computer--even a laptop is not very comfortable for reading.

Of course it also has a lot to do with screen quality and resolution--looking at a screen is just not as comfortable as looking at paper. This is often seen as the biggest barrier to adoption of new reading technologies. I don't think that's it though. The thing is people just want to kick back when they're reading. They don't want to sit in front of a desktop/laptop computer. As Naru said: " somewhere on a deserted tropical island, sitting on a hammock by the beach... with headphones on, and a book..."

The End of Legacy Media

In Defense of Print

name url comment

Richard eh dude - you don't really care about 'what' others have to say when it comes to 'your' pleasures - do you ? they're yours and if it makes 'you' happy - then that's the way it is . . .

John / No, that's not what it's about. I'm an early adopter of new technologies. I always have been. It's something that I have grown used to. People staring at me and screaming because my hair is green or whatever.

Part of living in society is caring about what other people think. It's just the way it is. There isn't anybody that truly doesn't care what other's think. The key is knowing when to worry about what other's think and when to not care.

This is another subject though. My comments here are directed at people's attitudes about adopting new technologies. I'm very interested in that. I went through an evolution in my attitude concerning reading. I'm not saying that my attitude is more advanced.

I think it won't be too long before we'll be able to sit and watch a movie or read the Sunday paper using the same device. The reasons for this seem fairly obvious. I'm curious about why it doesn't seem that way to others.

sunil That's a good point you make. Unfortunately the pocket computer you refer to is not yet capable of displaying advanced text (e.g., equations) or postscript figures, etc. It's primarily good for text display. John / that's not true. It's got a resolution of 160x160. No matter how you slice it that's enough room for some equations. As a practical matter--displaying pdf files isn't something that I would think would be very useful, but there are applications to do so.

My intention was to speak about pocket computers in general. That's why I called it a pocket computer as opposed to Visor, Palm Pilot or Pocket PC, and I'm addressing the general issue of reading on a handhheld device. What I was trying to point out was that there were other factors contributing to the slow lack of adoption of these devices for reading. Your need to read equations is probably not shared by the average Joe. Richard "what i meant was - "you can't please everyone" and as for your "I'm not saying that my attitude is more advanced" - personally - i think it is sir !

keep up with your intelligence - it'll take ya far man - seriously . . . and a ps- thanxz to you and michael for the changes this morning - i do appreciate it 'all' immensly . . . later - r John / Well... yeah. Just cause I said "I'm not saying that my attitude is more advanced" doesn't mean that it's not...

I'm just playing. It's not a question of advanced or not. It's more about the emotional issues surrounding what it means to love books. There certainly is a festish aspect to books that even some women share. For example: recently a couple of young ladies were telling me about how they loved the smell of paper in old library books. They said that "it smelled like public urinals". I'm not making this up.

There is a similar thing happening with music. Many people lament the vanishing record album cover. Digital media is by it's nature more ephemeral than what has come before. Maybe this is what people are upset about. It's more intangible. This is also what makes it so cool. I like to think of mp3s as "music like water". Having less of a physical form that a cd, an mp3 doesn't really take shape until it is "poured" into a container. E-books are the same way.

I noticed this effect when I was looking over my Frankin Planners recently. They're a record of what I was doing when I was using them. By switching to a digital means of performing the same planning/time scheduling tasks I have been left without a similar tangible record.

Heavy shit eh? A pity it's buryed deep in these comments.

    I think that I have alway had a condition called insufficent convergence.  When reading a book I tend to draw the book closer and closer to me.  The normal human thing is for both eyes to narrow (slightly cross) as they focus on the print.  But with me as I pull the print to me, eventually, one eye goes "forget this, its too hard" and the eye goes "boing" out of its position of convergence.  This plays havoc with comprehension as you lose your place.  I have seldom enjoyed reading.  Although this for some reason changed after I became a Christian.

But when I read a desktop computer it stays stationary. I sit stationary. The problem seems to be solved. I don't know how it would be if had a poccom.

Added Another Theme

It's too late at night to figure out why all the posts say JohnJohn. I'll finger it out later.
Added some stuff that had gone missing. Webcam, quotes, blog links. I want to gradually bring it back cosmetically to the way I originally had it. Stuff is coming out of a database now, and I think that makes the site more reliable and faster. Plus, it's a hell of a lot more flexible. So many sites that run on this phpnuke are hard to figure out. Have to try and avoid those pitfalls. If you see anything goofy please let me know.

name url comment

sunil maybe more cams at different angles, and a live streaming audio feed

El Lay Blogs

Found a referer string from LA Blogs in my log file. Hehe. Somebody ratted me out--I've been identified as a blogger that resides in Los Angeles! I guess I should have picked a different name for the site. People keep referring to it as kacked. Get Kacked! etc. In my mind it's Maybe a mistake on my part. Poor choice for a name. Never thought I would be using it this long. It was just a place holder name till I registered a domain.

LA Blogs

name url comment

Richard is there such a thing called 'bloagie'?


google- (1k image)Looked in my logs this morning and noticed the Googlebot was spidering my site. Guess phpnuke came with it's own robots.txt file and it got copied over my original. I don't know what the big deal is--but I don't like the idea of my site appearing in search engines. I suppose I would get more hits if I didn't care. I guess the thing that did it was when I found [in my log] that someone had come upon my site using the search string "homemade rocket launcher". Tripped me out--where would you find something like that on my site? So I cut and pasted the referer url from my logs and found that there really was something about that on my site.

It's almost anti-web to not allow search engines to spider your site. But even with a robots.txt file that excludes the entire site there are still web spiders that snake all my content. Bad spiders!

I fixed the problem and also discovered that I could request to have my site removed from the google archives--which I did.

As I'm writing this there is a plumber replacing my hot water heater. What a racket!

name url comment

sunil Damn! just goes to show that Internet can be a boor or a bane. Gosh, what kind of person is looking for stuff like this!

It looks like Anne is playing this week at the balcony! Exciting!

John / Exactly! What if people all over the world found out how hopelessly banal my web site was?

Richard Bad spiders!

like i keep saying - you have quite the sense of humor john - "well meaning by the way"later - r

I Wondered Where My Michael Bolton T-Shirt Went...

Saw an interesting show on PBS about how all our clothes end up in Africa. There is no textile industry there anymore. Was it in Zambia? I forget. Not that I would know the difference.

All the clothes we donate to Goodwill gets shipped to Africa. Funny to see African people wearing Michael Bolton and Kurt Cobain t-shirts. Funny, and sad too.

Once I was telling my mom about how the fashion among Silverlake hipsters was to wear used clothes. Extra points awarded for wearing clothes that other people wouldn't be caught dead in. Her response: "I guess you been cool for years then!"

T-Shirt Travels

Are You Hard Enough To Wear A Michael Bolton T-Shirt?

name url comment

Richard my younger sister in N.J. actually asked me if i liked "her favorite singer" - her whole family

[ she's married ] LOVES bolton - i didn't really have an answer - since much that i would say about "him" would be derog . . .

heard he has a 'fan club' - any jokes on that?

John / Yeah, somebody must like him. There's no mass production of t-shirts with my face on em'. Not yet anyway. I don't really have an opinion about senor Bolton. I just like the way they bag on him in the movie "Office Space".

Richard how 'bout a T with 'missing' [like i e-mailed with you as DJ] - i think that a T like that would sell out - EVEN if somebody didn't know who you were - don't ya think?

Take Notes

I need to start taking notes when I reinstall my desktop OS. It's such a pain in the ass. At least I could keep a copy of every configuration file that I edit.

Trying to compile a new kernel using some patches to lower the latency so that when I'm dj'ing my mp3s don't skip. Feels like swimming in the deep end of the pool. Never compiled a new kernel. I haven't got the kernel's secret recipe yet. I will figure it out. This will be good for a few laughs 100 years from now. Right now I just feel stupid.

Went by Denise's studio today for an art walk thingy. Kind of fun. A customer walked in while we were chatting. When she suggested that he feel free to look around and check out her paintings he replied: "they're too naked!".

Her husband Andre showed up after a while. He gave a demo of some of his music. A private classical guitar concert. He's really talented.

On the way home briefly met a homeless guy on a bus bench. When I say homeless I really have no idea what his housing status was and I think most people use the expression in much the same way --I think you understand what I'm getting at: it's just easier to say than "crazy guy" . Anyway, crazy guy sits next to me on the bus bench and exhales a cloud of marijuana smoke in my face. He's smoking what's left of a joint--trying to get every last little bit. When I look at this guy I notice he's wearing glasses but there are no lenses in the frames. "It only takes 100 dollars to open a savings account" he tells me "and this is all you need!"

As I'm paying my fare I tell the bus driver that the guy was smoking pot. She asks me: "did you get a contact?" It takes me a second to realize what she means. At first I'm thinking "why would I want to contact this guy?"

name url comment

Richard sooooo - did you get a contact or not? hehe!

Have You Seen This Coffee Scientist?

cookie (15k image)

name url comment
the subject has been spotted fondling, tweaking, banging, etc... on an espresso machine in an un-named coffeehouse in west l.a. as recent as of 6.11.02. it's rumored that he has scheduled random appearances for the coming weeks while he soaks up the sun in preparation for a rainier future habitat.

Feed The Kitty

My daughter would sum this up like so "now that's just wrong!":

Hello Kitty Vibrator

Hello Kitty Laptop

I don't know why this is funny, maybe it's just me and it's not funny at all. Check out some of the descriptions. Extra points for finding the sheep lover:

Obirin 2001 English Class G

Recently became aware of the Mr T Vs phenomenon. Since this is kind of a silly post I think I'll throw a link to that in here as well:

Mr. T Vs Everything

name url comment

sunil Haha...that's something there. "Uhhh....where did the women go???"

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