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jack (2k image) Went to Sunset Five with Michael to support our friend Richard Green by checking out his film "I Don't Know Jack". Wasn't really into it that much, kind of went down there thinking that it might be semi-interesting. After all I am pretty interested in David Lynch's work--"Blue Velvet" is one of my all time favorite films. Anyway, I kind of had the attitude that it might be good to watch this film as kind of background material.

So, the film is great. I give it two big thumbs. Really really good. I'm sure I'll rewrite this tomorrow. Do a proper review. Just want to quickly get a few thing down and then drop into bed (dog tired.)

Michael suggested that I sepia tone the comic ad that's on the front page of my site. It was a good idea. The page has a more balanced appearance now.

Added another comic. I'll be putting a new one up generally sometime after midnight each night. As I said in previous posts I have challenged myself to try and make a new one available each day. That's it for now. Like to write more but really tired.

Still troubleshooting the layout and html. If you see something wrong with this new theme please point it out and give me whatever diagnostic information that you can. I don't have the ability to test it in every browser that I would like to see it in. But I want it to look good from every browser. I need your help for that. If you can take a screenshot that's even better. Thanks.

Comics Again

Been trying to figure out a way to get the comics to work better. Would prefer that the latest comic is always at the same url. Thus making it easy to check if there is a new one. Then clicking on the comic takes you to the previous comic and so on. It just ocurred to me how to do it. Maybe I'll set it up later tonight.

Going to try and do a comic every day. Let's see how long I can keep it up....

There's a new one there now.

name url comment

norseman when's the Hard Copy coming out dude - it'd make 4 a great book & i believe it would sell eh . . .

btw - enjoyed quite a few of 'em

Slave Theme

Pretty obvious that there's a new default theme. Unless you are Lubrich. He's got his computer set to something other than the default. Michael says the font on this slave theme is too dark on his Mac OS X. I think it's too small myself. What do you think?

name url comment

norseman personally - the font is fine and it doesn't look too dark here . . . [sigh]

norseman that last post referred to 3D Fantasy -

looking @ slave - it all has a rather dark tone to it - a little bit on the eyes sir - i like the banner and i think the font on kacked title is fine

really like the ? theme COOL!

i'm going 2 use 4 awhile - checking it out . . .later bro

norseman it's called - sorry

i like this one and DJ looks great with banner . . .

The general look is nice. However, the fonts in brown color that appear on grey or white backgrounds (e.g., the post comment button, or the subject topic in the post comment page) are a little "tense" for the eyes...more like I need to squint to read it.


John / Noticed that last night as I was getting ready for bed. It's a little better now. The whole thing turns to crap though when I look at it with a browser that doesn't support stylesheets. So it needs more work.

Also, the for print version of the page needs a different logo. That's been a problem that I never addressed on any of the themes.

    oddly, the banner shows up on the company machine, but not on my machine at home.


John / might have something to do with the stylesheets

if you can give me any details about the differences between your browsing environments maybe I can fix it


    It could be because at home I am using IE 5.5, whereas at work its ver. 6.1


Black and White

Finally got around to watching "Branded to Kill". Cheesy japanese "B" Movie from '67. Man, it was swell. What is it about a black and white film that can make it so good? This one certainly had it. On the one hand the film had a pretty stupid script. But what they did with it was just great. A lot of the scenes were lifted from other movies. The most blatant of these was one where a high powered rifle shoots a guy from behind an animated cigarette lighter in a billboard (like in the bond film "From Russia With Love".) Several scenes with water reminded me of the long drive in the rain featured in "La Notte".

I must have more black and white film.

Screenshots: one |two |three |four |five

name url comment

norseman light / tonalities are really beautiful . . .

thankz j 4 shots

New Banner

Changed the banner. Actually, it's a copy of the original default theme but with a different banner. If you're a big fan of the burningman collage you can set that as your default theme. Provided you are a registered user...

I like that banner a lot except for it being too tall. Stuff that you're going to see over and over as you return to a site shouldn't dominate the screen. It's seasoning, not the main course. This is the banner that I had on my first web site. I still like it.

Oh yeah... added a link to the reverse cowgirl weblog. As my daughter Heather would say: "that's just wrong!"

name url comment

norseman like the banner now - much better Sir . . .

    Hmmm...I liked the previous banner. It was more "colorful"


John / Like I said, it's still there if you want to set your default theme to burningman. It's only available if you're logged in though. It's a nice banner but it's too big and it makes it look like I'm all about burningman. Which I'm not. Not sure what this banner says about me other than that I'm into the surrealist art movement. Most people aren't going to get that though but at least it takes up less screen real estate.

    from michael-- The other banner was friendlier, more <i>attractive</i>.  This banner is more forboding, <i>repulsive</i>.

John / Don't hold back now... tell us how you really feel.

norseman :-))))

Benway Tupperware Party

Brain (4k image)Back in '92 there was a thing in my leg that showed up on an MRI as a possible tumor. Lumpy squishy thing that almost made a noise when palpated (doctor-ese for poking.)

When you do an MRI you lay on a table that slides inside a big donut shaped electromagnet sensor gizmo. The doctor/tech guy told me a lot of people are claustrophobic. They have to give them drugs to get them to do it. Even with drugs 1 out of 5 people just can't. The machine is so expensive to maintain and run they always have the next patient waiting to go in so there's no down time. I can see why people have a problem with it--they were only doing my leg and it felt claustrophobic. The guy that went in after me jumped off the table and bolted from the room saying: "no fucking way I'm going in that thing!"

An MRI. A picture of my insides. Not everyday you get to see that. Fun looking at it with the doctor. I've looked at a lot of electron microscope pictures so I'm kind of used to looking at strange black and white photos and interpreting them. Verdict: surgery. They weren't sure what it was but were concerned that it could be malignant (something that could kill me eh?), so better just to cut it out.

The day of the surgery 3 or 4 nurses were sticking me with needles to get blood samples for the anesthesiologist, work out my blood type or maybe just collect dna evidence. They stabbed me at least 30 times. I remember one of the nurses saying she didn't understand what was going on--she had never had to try that many times to find a vein. Just the normal course of events for me. There's something about me that causes confusion in people. Jams up the gears of day to day existence. If you know me, you probably know what I'm talking about.

Guess I was loopy. Nervous about the surgery.As they wheeled me down the hall the anesthesiologist apologised: "I haven't given him anything!" They lifted me onto the table. Put the mask over my face and asked me to count backwards from one hundred. I didn't though, the mask reminded me of the one from "Blue Velvet" so I laughed saying: "baby wants to fuck!" Bam! next thing I know I'm waking up in the recovery room.

name url comment norseman :-)

Waiter! More Comics!

CatHat (4k image)Cranked out seven more comics today (yesterday at this point I guess.) The link is there on the right if you want to check them out. Or here for that matter. If you don't like them I don't want to hear about it. Almost up to 50 comics. After a bit I'm going to have to start weeding out the crap ones. They've just been included to kind of flesh out the collection. I'll probably move them to a separate archive.

Went to Manny, Moe and Jack with Michael and Teddy tonight. Teddy is in town to work on the Mike Myers film version of "Cat in the Hat". He's the stand-in for Alec Baldwin. He's also an artist and general cool guy. Charles Bukowski once described Teddy as his biggest groupie. I think it would be cool if we could find a place to show his work while he's in town.

name url comment

Nice comics!


Loss of Innocence

LossOfInnocence (4k image)Hanging out here with PBS going. Watched the 1932 version of "Mutiny on the Bounty" last Saturday. The one with Clark Gable as Fletcher Christian. Tonight they showed the 1962 version with Marlon Brando playing the same role. Interesting to see both versions of the story. I like the Marlon Brando one better. But it was too damn long, and less historically accurate although the writing was better. Some very funny lines and the way that Brando delivers them made it worthwhile. Towards the end they almost make Christian out to be an action figure. Corny flicks.

It felt a little sad watching the film. I guess it was while he was making this movie that he learned to love Tahiti, and just like the real Fletcher Christian, Brando returned there with tragic results.

Pitcairn Island Web Site

Pitcairn's Island / They still hate Captain Bligh

name url comment

the_lizard See the "The Bounty" starring Anthony Hopkins as Bligh & Mel Gibson as Christian with a Vangelis score. It's the most "realistic" of the three and painted not entirely in black or white. It's an equal contender with the other two versions and a vastly underrated film IMHO. Also -- the island girls are "real" and they're nekkid too. :P

I like naked. It was funny watching the 62 version cause all the women were topless yet always managing to have their hair arranged to cover their breasts just so.

Another version might be interesting but as far as not being black and white goes, Bligh did have a second mutiny during his career. A version that portrays him as being other than a sadistic asshole might be interesting but to my mind could actually be less accurate. But hey, it's all just movies anyway. The interesting part of the story for me is that when the survivors were discovered on Pitcairn--only one of the mutineers was still living. With ten women! The poor bastard.

Chatroom Link

BrokenLink1 (1k image)Had some problems with the chatroom link. Nobody has been able to get in the chatroom using the link that's there on the right. I would appreciate it if you could take the time to test it and let me know if it works and more importantly--what happens if it doesn't (please try and give me more info than just a "it don't work", heh.) Just leave a comment here please. Thanks.

Here's another comic:


name url comment

norseman here - chat seems to work . . .

but i seem to get no answers - maybe because of this?

[CGI154 John @noho] - did it log me on as ???

anyway - at least i can get to the board now without errors - so that seems to be AOK J

PS- how r u doin - everything ok w/ u?

    norseman here - here's a copy of

* CGI781 [] has joined #kacked

* CGI781 John @noho

eh you all - trying again

r u there?

hal - r u there?

well - goodbye agin

what am i doin wrong here???

    It's working, we're just not staring at the screen awaiting your arrival. It's our chat clients that are sitting there not actually us. This is a recurring problem for people that enter the chatroom. They see someone's name there, type something, don't get an immediate response and then split. Being on IRC is kind of like email. You can have a chat without both people being present at the same time. You say hello and go wash your car, go to the bank, etc. By the time you get back it's possible that you might have a reply. It's also possible that the other person is off washing his car, going to the bank... or you could get lucky and they're sitting right there when you type something in. It's my opinion that they asyncronous nature of IRC chat is the hardest thing for people to get about it. They have a tendency to connect, say something and split without getting a reply. A few of my friends and family are starting to get it though--the only way it works is to connect and hang out.

Thanks for testing. I guess it's working again. I wonder what the problem was. I was just sitting down to repair it and the first thing I did as part of troubleshooting it was to try and get into chat by using the browser. But then, it worked...

    Now that I have a DSL, I could leave the chat connection on as you say, unlike when I had 56K connection.

I recall I had trouble keeping connection to IRC on via a 56K modem, since we have to address incoming/outgoing calls.


norseman it won't work with 56K - simple . . . unless ur there @ that moment - oh well . . . and do u have to 'capitalize' the H in hal? 4 him to respond :-)

oh - & ur welcome sir . . .

    hal is not in the chatroom right now

norseman bot why not :-)))))))))

Gated Immunity

BillGates (3k image)I get mad when people pick on Microsoft or Bill Gates. I really think we have a lot to thank them for. We're much further along IMO with the computer/information revolution than we would be without them. I constantly see people talking about how "Microsoft stole Windows from Apple". I think that's crap. Don't get me wrong--I like Apple computers, if I could afford one I might run Linux there.

Bill Gates was interviewed for most of tonight's "Charlie Rose Show". Gates was there to hype the new "Tablet PC" (Apple people will be quick to say that this is a ripped off Newton, and... it is!) but they also talked about the court settlement, Gates's unified information/platform concept "Longhorn", and the "threat" of Linux.

Like Gates, I've been waiting for something like this tablet pc for years. I wonder if it's finally ready for primetime?

I think it probably is... course for me, it's going to have to wait till I can afford it, and till it can run the "one true thing".

Here's an excerpt from their discussion about Linux:

Charlie: "Do you worry about Linux as a competition for operating systems?"

Bill: "Yes"

name url comment

He definitely sounds a realist. Tablet PC could bring in the next wave in mobile computing


i believe Windows were not created 4 anybody in particular + they were not "stolen" from the MAC Platform - those boyz in the garage meant it 4 everyone / anyone / any platform - PERIOD.

from michael- Funny how Adolph Hitler had such altruistic goals for everyone and the VW Bug. It was only a good idea after aftermarket retrofitting. HTML is a good idea, cross platform language. But proprietary goals of M$ are evil. They want the submediocre to reign supreme. Maybe the hackers will be able to make something usable of M$ stuff if the evil empire succeeds in its goals.

But it seems that the rest of the world is getting hip to M$. Linux is the hot ticket now and other countries, like Germany, are starting to excel in it. Pun intended.

norseman hmmm - "AH" - shouldn't really use that 1 Michael - jest my $0.02

PS - the Mac is Proprietary, is it not?

. . . and btw - i'll stick to my previous comment :<)


The Knoppix Report

AnEyeForAHand (4k image)Continuing to experiment with Knoppix. Installed it to the hard drive of two of my computers. Doing so is not without it's interesting problems. Generally I'm very happy with the result though. I think the place where it's leading me is to a true Debian (or Gentoo) install, that will take a bit longer but provide more performance and stability. Meanwhile installing Knoppix to the hard drive (or just using it from the cd) makes for a quicky, high comfort environment. Here's another screenshot of what it looks like with Mosfet's Liquid KDE Theme (since I forgot to show the transparent menu last time.)

Zoned Out

solaris (4k image)Reading "Roadside Picnic" by Arkady & Boris Strugatsky. The novel that the Tarkovsky movie "Stalker" was based on. Man, that was a serious butt burner. Strange movie. Maybe I will get a chance to see it again someday. Caught it years ago at the Fox Venice with my friend Momoko. That was a long time ago... So long ago in fact, the theatre had a smoking section.

Just like I thought, the book makes more sense than the movie. Maybe it was the language barrier but it just seemed like nothing happened for like three hours worth of film. The idea that someone would have the balls to do this and get American audiences to sit through it has intrigued me since then. The jist of the story is that there are these six areas around the planet where aliens landed and "partied" for a number of years. They didn't have any malicious intention toward the human race other than to treat us as though we were the equivalent of cockroaches. After the party, they split and now the "Zones" are forbidden areas that are not legal to enter--because of danger and the fear of contamination. People sneak in anyway--to retrieve artifacts and sell them on the black market. Artifacts that are probably the alien equivalent of candy wrappers or empty beer bottles but that have strange properties and fetch high prices on the black market. The people that sneak in to scavenge "The Zone" are called stalkers. They've learned by trial and error where to step and how to behave inside because one false move usually means death or worse.

Good book. It works on many different levels in a way that reminds me of the book that was the basis for another Tarkovsky film: "Solaris". "Roadside Picnic" is available online if anybody's interested in checking it out.

name url comment

    Does sound like an interesting movie. I'll have to check if it is on DVD.


I don't recommend the movie. The book is pretty cool though if you like science fiction. Russian films in general are kind of an acquired taste IMO. And that film in particular has it's own peculiar problems/issues. It's about 3 hours long and most of it is about these three guys that are basically crawling around in a junkyard. You have the feeling throughout the whole movie that something is about to happen, but then nothing happens. I would be curious to see the movie again maybe after reading the book, but only as a student of his films and of russian cinema in general.

Almost Famous

who2 (4k image)Jonathan told us the Novel had been in the El Lay Weekly recently, so I had to look up the article to see what the deal was. Here it is before I have even read it:

Café Society: Down on Main Street

O.K., now I have read it and don't know what to say. Who is this Joe guy? Well, anyway. Play "where's Waldo?" if you like... Some of the people mentioned in the article are pictured on the Novel Web Site...

Land Speed Record

kde (4k image)Installed Knoppix to the hard drive that's screwed up. It has serious errors at 71% but I partitioned the drive so I was only using the first 2/3. I Don't expect it to last long but it's an interesting experiment. Knoppix didn't take long to install. In fact it's got to be the fastest Linux I've ever done. Especially since Knoppix is Debian based and Debian is not known for the speed of it's install.

After the install I was able to do "apt-get update" to make the whole thing current and then installed Mosfet's Liquid KDE theme. Now the whole thing looks a lot like Mac OS X. This is all just for fun though, I'll soon be back to my fluxbox or ratpoison window managers.

Debian Desktop Screenshot

Everything and No Kitchen Sink

rose (3k image)Figured out how to edit the hosts file so now I'm doing this post from my desktop with no hard drive. Guess the hosts file is gets copied to the ram drive during boot... I might as well document the method here:

cntl alt f2

su knoppix

vi /etc/hosts

:!rm -f /etc/hosts

Make changes...

save with :wq!

Annoyingly, even after changing the hosts file, I still can't get to my site using the Konqueror browser. But, I can in all the other browsers. Mozilla now comes with Java so I can use the Java file manager plugin that's part of Webmin to check the web server logs.

Couple days ago I did that post about the Rolling Stone ad that was in the New York Times. Nobody commented on it but someone has been spreading the link around and now I"m getting hits from all over the place. But only to that graphic...

Cool Like Me...

homely (3k image)Another article on Slashdot about the Knoppix live cd distro. This one is about a set of instructions for installing it to your hard drive (Knoppix is a Linux boot from cd live distribution.)

I don't know how much I said about this previously but the hard drive in my dj box died, so I moved the 40 gig drive from my desktop computer to the dj box. Now, as kind of an experiment I have been running the Knoppix live from cd demo on that desktop machine without having a hard drive installed at all. Current uptime:

19:58:57 up 5 days, 9:42, 0 users, load average: 1.70, 1.64, 1.64

Pretty much been able to continue using my desktop machine the way I was using it before--for browsing, checking email (using IMAP, all my mail is stored on the server), playing chess on FICS. Don't think I want to go forever without a hard drive on my desktop machine, but the ability to continue without one does validate my move from desktop centric email solution to a server centric one. In fact I think it demonstates that the whole concept is valid: centralize applications on the server and then access them from a variety of devices, using various means and locations.

Later the way to do it might be to have the desktop machine be an X Window server (without an actual display of it's own) and access it using another machine that boots completely from floppy. No hard drive. In this way I could access the same desktop environment using X Window on a wireless laptop.

The only thing I have not been able to do has been to update my web site (I'm using the dj box right now to do that.) The reason this is a problem is because of my firewall. The web server is accessed using the i.p. address that I get from my isp --the external address of the router, while all the machines inside the firewall use lan addresses. Since I use virtual name based hosting on my server usually I get around this by just editing /etc/hosts to include entries for my various sites. I can't do that with Knoppix because the file is on the cd. I tried another way to get around it by installing a proxy server on another machine, this other machine having the correct entries in it's host file. But alas, phpnuke doesn't like to go through a proxy server. It works for every site that I host except my own. All I see when I go to is a blank page. Maybe it's time to upgrade or think about using a different solution for my weblog, cause I think this has been a problem for some people that are forced to go through proxies to view my site.

I was talking about the no hard drive linux setup on my desktop in chat on some IRC server and pissed off at least one guy. He said something like: "I'm gonna figure out how to boot windows from a cd so I can have no hard drive and be cool like you". I suspect he was being sarcastic...

Knoppix is funny. In some ways it's more full featured than other Linux distributions. It's the only one I know that will play DIVX movies right out of the box. When I go to do that on Mandrake I need to install some win32 codec while I chant and pour chicken blood on the monitor.

Slashdot: Knoppix for Rapid Desktop Deployment

Linux For Sissies

What's Up Chuck

lips3 (2k image)Reading through whatever I can find by Chuck Palahniuk --the guy that wrote "Fight Club". Lately this means the essays on his web site (since I'm without funds.) Good writer. I wish I could write like that. Laughing my way through his account of

Brad Pitt's lips:

"...The first day we met Brad, he ran up with his shirt open, tanned and smiling, and said, 'Thank you for the best fucking part of my whole fucking career!'

That's about all I remember.

That, and I wanted to have lips.

Big lips are everywhere. Fashion models, movie stars. Where I live in Oregon, in a house in the woods, you can ignore a lot of the world, but one day we got a mail-order catalogue and there inside was the Lip Enhancer..."

Out Dishing Petri

bacteria (5k image)I like this bit from the end of Slate Today's Papers:

The WSJ fronts its Weekend Journal with an in-depth investigation intothe quality of water on airplanes. While most water served in flights isbottled, the tap water and lavatory water stored in tanks is oftencrawling with bacteria and even insect eggs--and when the bottled waterruns out, flight attendants often serve tap. So think twice before youbrush your teeth in an airplane bathroom. The WSJ credits theinvestigation to a 13-year-old kid from California who decided to testairplane water as a science experiment. Watching the bacteria grow inpetri dishes, he told the WSJ, "I got fairly grossed out."

name url comment

from michael: Maybe Microsoft owns the airlines. Flying petri dishes.

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