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scam (2k image)After eating at the hari krishna feast I took the bus west on Venice. My intention was to hang out at the Novel. The bus that runs along Venice is my favorite. It's also the one that I have the most trouble with. Frequently it will come but will be so full that it will not stop. Annoying. But it's because the bus is overcrowded that it's my favorite. Fun to watch the people and they are a different type of people than I am used to.

Tonight in the back of the bus I watched a strange transaction. Someone said they had a Sony camcorder for sale. Everybody looked as the person exhibited it. It occurred to me that it wasn't really a Sony camcorder but I don't know why. They wanted $100 for it. Someone talked him down to fifty. They did the exchange as the purchaser yelled to the bus driver “hold da' door!”

A couple stops after that, the people that sold the camcorder also got off. Several things about the transaction struck me as funny and I guess my subconscious worked it all over pretty good. Later an image of what I had seen popped up and I just laughed out loud--during the guy's sales demo he worked the flash. It's the first camcorder I have seen that actually had a flash...

name url comment

sunil Why did you laugh? I mean Sony Camcorder has flash (do a google search)

John / you got something, break it out (do a google search)

sunil Waaahhsssuuupp!!

John / this does not compute I guess it's possible that a camcorder could have a flash on it but you have failed to impress this upon me...

    is the *flash* for taking stills?

sunil computation for a cheap price $100 (as we saw flash for camcorder is $100 by itself):

  1. camcorder is fake Sony (as you say)

  2. camcorder did not work

  3. guy was desparate to get rid of camcorder, needed dough for any purpose

  4. cheaper model camcorder with cheaper flash sold

  5. etc. etc. etc.

Point being there was a flash for the camcorder and it is commercially available....working or non-working, that's besides the point.

sunil SONY HVL-FDH3 3 Watt Flash / Video Light


This versatile light generator provides flash for the still camera function in your camcorder and video light for moving pictures Just slide it into the accessory shoe--its power requirements are handled by the camcorder battery Output is automatically calculated by the camera s ..

John / you forgot to include the url sounds like it's an add on on the device I saw, it was a built in feature there were other reasons that lead me to believe that it wasn't a real camcorder also, I remember hearing somewhere that there is a scam where cameras are sold in just this fashion and that a key element of the scam is working the flash, this was for a still camera though and not a camcorder, it's possible that that particular scam was overworked and the makers of the replica cameras are expanding their line of product (in fact, this is what I believe to be the case) I looked around a bit on the web before this post to see if I could find a sony camcorder that looked like what I had seen and I could not, of course this doesn't mean that such a thing does not exist, my investigation was cursory I still think it was not a real camcorder ¿michael? here: DV cameras do take stills. It is possible that the guy was trying to "fence" the camera. Drug addicts are known to ask a low price to get a quick return on their thievery. When my cafe was stolen, it was to get the my EX 5500 Honda generator (a $2000 item at the time). I heard from a grip who also lived in Simi that his druggy son had said that such a generator had been fenced in Simi for $100.

    personally i think all druggies & thieves should have there heads blown off - little thieves could have their fingers removed - one per theft!!!

    btw - how was the food?

    I agree...and even the parents should be taken to task...poor parenting and giving birth to the SOB is their fault!

I say take it all out on parents!


More Pictures

victordisk (3k image)DJ Shekky posted some pictures to the Radio Free Burningman email list. Pictures from the meeting on the last Saturday. Take a look to get an idea of what the other DJs looked like. A couple of folks are missing. No picture of Shekky himself or Never Girl and several others.

Finally got some pictures from the May Day party at Rush Riddle's house from last year. Sherry had snapped some and promised to email them to me. She didn't get around to it until just recently. I ran into her at burningman, she says: "I know you, I'm supposed to email you some pictures..."

Interesting party. Rush has a stage in his bedroom on the third floor. It's a victorian house near USC. Kind of a commune I guess. In years past we usually show up in some outlandish outfits but this time nothing was handy so I improvised by wearing Dan's antler helmet and going shirtless. It sure turned some heads. I couldn't stop laughing. We WERE NOT socially acceptable that night.

DJ Shekky's Radio Free Burningman Pics

Sherry's Rush Riddle May Day Party Pics

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John / testing moderation

Go Veggie

apple (4k image)Hey, they might be arresting people excessively but at least they offer a vegetarian meal now as part of the deal!

"...A Southwest Washington police academy served as a processing center, where arrested protesters were given something to drink and a meal. A vegetarian meal was an option that officials added for this weekend's protests after complaints from activists arrested at previous D.C. demonstrations..."

Washington Post: Police Arrest Hundreds in Protests


pano (3k image)Ran into Panos tonight. He was hanging out in front of the Novel. That's where I usually run into him. Met him years ago when I was going to the poetry workshop at Beyond Baroque. Turns out my friend Suzan had told me a story about him already --before I met him. Then once when I was telling her something about the poetry workshop she says: "my friend Panos, that I told you that story about the blowjob he got in World War II, he goes to that workshop too!". When she told me this I could picture right away who he was. The next time I saw him at the workshop I introduced myself, saying that I thought we had a mutual friend and that she had told me his blowjob story. Anyway, so that's how I met Panos. He showed me his poem tonight that he had published in one of the local Venice papers. I asked him if I could put it in my weblog. He thought that was a good idea.

What's Wrong

By Panos Douvos

What have we done wrong

we only protect our national (oil) interests

bribe an Arab goon king or two

what's wrong with that

are they angry at our SUV's and heavy wallets

why are these dark Arab peasants upset

if they have a problem

we can squash them like bugs

what's wrong with that

we steal their human basics

back their goon-leaders

but they're our goon-leaders

what's wrong with that

they have a beef--we sound the drums

send in the black and brown boys

preserve our oilocracy

loot their lands--pollute the world

they look at us cross-eyed

we nuke their ass

what's wrong with that

so it is known

dad owns oil in Saudi-Arabia

dad owns Devils-brand oil wells

and come tomorrow--will own

the whole heil world

what's wrong with that name url comment
sunil All right, that's it John, you did got this chap in the FBI scanner!
John / Whats wrong with that
sunil Nice poem!

Linux Kicks Ass

linux (4k image)"...It turns out that the Linux doubters were wrong. Today Linux has become the hottest thing in corporate America since e-mail and maybe even Windows itself. Yes, most of the Linux IPOs are out of business or on the verge of going bust. Yes, few really believe Linux will ever replace Windows on the desktop. But on the back end, on servers in data centers rather than PCs on desktops, companies like Boeing,, E*Trade Financial, DreamWorks, Google, and virtually every major Wall Street firm have either finished reconfiguring big chunks of their servers to run Linux or are in the process of doing so. General Motors says it is likely to do the same in a year or so. Even the Chinese and German governments, along with about two dozen other countries, are taking a look at how they can save money by using Linux in their infrastructures..."

Fortune: Servers With A Smile

name url comment

wheres the gaming content for linux?

I really liked the interface you showed major games optimized for linux though.

John / Who plays games on a server?

"Yes, few really believe Linux will ever replace Windows on the desktop."

Personally I don't think this is true. Whether the os of the future is Linux or something else I think that operating systems will at some point be basically free and developed using the open source model. Who cares about games on the desktop anyway? It used to be that the first place that games came out was for Windows. That's changing now. Game developers are focusing more on consoles. Where the market is. In this regard Windows is starting to get into the same boat as Linux. You can play games on Linux, but the fact that we're even discussing this here leads me to think that you didn't really read the post (much less the article) before making this comment...

Maybe you should just install Nintendo OS.

sunil Pardon my ignorance, my liege, but wouldn't creating an open source platform make it vulnerable to someone who wants to rig a hole in it?

I prefer the XBOX "OS", heh heh

Famous Hospitals of The World

stork (3k image)Anthony sent me a link to some more pictures of the filming of Tarantino's "Kill Bill". The hospital that Uma Thurman's Bride character lays in a coma for 4 years is coincidentally the same hospital where your humble narrator was born...

Kill Bill Images

St. Luke's Hospital

Trick or Treat?

HalloweenLinux (3k image)Mandrake Linux 9.0 just hit the servers. This is almost as exciting as when Jaguar Mac OS X came out. Kind of reminds me of getting the new Sears catalog. I'm downloading it right. If you're going to download it please wait till I'm done...

Mandrake Linux

Running Interference

wave (2k image)Article at the New York Times about the ten most beautiful experiments. My fav (Young's Double Slit with electrons) makes it to number one:

"...In the firstfive years of the 20th century, Max Planck and then AlbertEinstein showed, respectively, that light is emitted andabsorbed in packets - called photons. But other experimentscontinued to verify that light is also wavelike.

It took quantum theory, developed over the next fewdecades, to reconcile how both ideas could be true: photonsand other subatomic particles - electrons, protons, and soforth - exhibit two complementary qualities; they are, asone physicist put it, "wavicles."

To explain the idea, to others and themselves, physicistsoften used a thought experiment, in which Young'sdouble-slit demonstration is repeated with a beam ofelectrons instead of light. Obeying the laws of quantummechanics, the stream of particles would split in two, andthe smaller streams would interfere with each other,leaving the same kind of light- and dark-striped pattern aswas cast by light..."

They fail to mention the most thought provoking part--that the result is the same even if the electrons travel through the double slit apparatus one at a time...

NYTimes: Here They Are, Science's 10 Most Beautiful Experiments

name url comment

sunil How can you get a spatial interference pattern, with a one electron at a time expt., as you get in the Youngs double-slit expt.?...

maybe its possible to see a "dynamic" interference "ping" (like a detector detecting light at one instant and no light at the subsequent instant)

sunil hmmm...maybe it doesn't need to be dynamic...maybe the interference band size (band of light) will be infinitesmally small on the detector.

John / the electron (or part of the electron) goes through both holes at the same time...

How can this be!?

it's an intelligent electron lol, he flies from one hole, enters the other hole and comes out back from the first!

isn't that what sex is all about :)


Radio Free Burningman

dogboy (3k image)Burningman was great this year. As good or better then 2000. I owe Dan bigtime cause he bought my ticket and made it all possible financially. I think going up and camping with Dan had a lot to do with why it was one of better ones too. Thanks Dan.

Everything was different. Not as much space as I'm used to when going solo so I had to concentrate on the bare essentials (not having any money influenced this too.) The one thing I regret not having was a shade structure. But there's a lot to be said for not bringing a lot of stuff. It's just easier to get around without a lot of crap.

This year I figured if I saw a space that looked like it might be fun to spin in, I would just ask if I could guest DJ. This worked ok, I got a gig on the stage in centercamp. After signing up there I went to infocamp to ask if there was any bulletinboard listing potential places for DJ's to perform. Well, the radiostation is right behind infocamp, and I thought "I bet they know if there are places I could play". So, I knocked on the door and popped my head in. What I found inside was Greg Rose DJ'ing, and a bunch of other people (including Starfish) that I hadn't met yet. Greg was like: "can I help you?" So, I asked: "do you know where" and he cut me off saying "no!" I found out later that the radio station being so close to infocamp leads to a lot of annoying questions, and of course, Greg was kidding around. When I finally was able to get across that my question was related to DJ'ing, the answer was still no but Greg had a question for me: "what about DJ'ing here?" That sounded cool I said, so he told me to be at the next radio station meeting.

Dogboy Does Radio Free Burningman

Doggie Style name url comment
sunil Wild is the picture during your dj'ing session in the radio station? If not, when's the next meeting?

Get The Picture?

fingernails (3k image)Fresh burningman pictures are up. Anthony and Tim uploaded some more pics tonight. Maybe some more tomorrow. Did Tim get a nice camera or what?

Anthony 2002

Nature Boy/Science Girl 2002 name url comment
sunil Hey John---you finally got nailed! :lol:

The Admirer

marilyngrave (8k image)Today at one of the stops along Santa Monica blvd a cha-cha (Los Angeles Latina 80's disco girl with flashy hair, lips... hips) got on the bus. The first thing I noticed about her was that she had a nice shape to her ass.

She was wearing:
  • bunch of makeup
  • platform shoes

  • tight blue jeans (silver glitter in front)

  • sleeveless Marilyn Monroe t shirt
I smiled at her as she sat in front of me; she didn't smile back. After the bus had rollled on a bit I asked her: "have you ever visited her grave?" (about a mile away)

"No, but my sister has."

"I have" I told her, "weird, someone is always kissing her grave site leaving lipstick on it, always the same shade."

As she turned away I noticed she was wearing the same chocolate shade of lipstick.

Another Server (Email From Some Flounder?)

email (1k image)Squared away my email situation today (started to anyway.) Switched over to IMAP. All my mail is stored on my mail server rather than on my desktop computer. Servers have a tendency to get backed up more frequently. The biggest reason for changing the email situation was because I want to be able to have real email and webmail style email at the same time. So when I'm at home my email client is a sophisticated one where I can do spell checking, encryption, etc. And when I'm on the road I still have access to my email through the web interface on my server. In either case I'm accessing the same set of mailboxes.

I can host email for other people too. Not that I'm going to do that... hosting web sites for people is enough of a pain in the ass. It's worth it I suppose but responsibility for someone else's email is something I don't need.

I think it's time for a real domain for my weblog/site.

name url comment

sunil I agree, using a web client for emil is very nice (instead of using telnet) when away from home.

USC is using a nice SUN system called iplanet. I used it regularly from Switzerland and India this time when I travelled.

The sites is :

Bored Shitless

RaabHimself (2k image)Jared told me about the midwest. He said it can get pretty boring there. That there are guys that do stuff just cause they're bored. He watched a guy pierce his own ear using the stud of an earing. Just pushed it into the top part of his ear until there was a loud pop.

These guys are from the midwest. I can tell:

"...taking shits in plain view on the side of a road while morning traffic rolled by..."

"...downing 18 Ex-Laxes and shitting himself while jogging through a suburban neighborhood wearing nothing but a jockstrap..."

Village Voice: Killing Yourself to Live

name url comment

sunil dang where did you get that image! LOL

I can't imagine the mess these guys leave behind...ahh wonderful sunday morning fresh air

Cookie Monster

MrBlond (5k image)My friend Bill asked me to go with him to a press conference that was being held at "Video Archives", his local neighborhood video store. Bill knew I was a film buff. He told me there was a guy that used to work in the video store that had made a film. I had never heard of Quentin Tarantino but figured it was good for a laugh so I went.

Couldn't see very well. Had some eye infection so no contact lens and I didn't have glasses. I could see good enough to think "hey, isn't that Sean Penn's brother up there with him?"

Can't remember a damn thing they talked about. I do remember that it was really well catered. They had cookies baked in the shape of an ear with red frosting. I had not seen "Resevoir Dogs" yet so I didn't get the ear reference (in fact, when I did see it I turned it off in disgust when Mister Blond cuts the cop's ear off.) These cookies were literally the best cookies I have ever had. Couldn't get enough of them. As everybody listened to Tarantino I jacked the cookie tray. Stuffed my pockets with about 30 ear cookies. Man, they were great.

Bill told me a few stories about Tarantino working in the video store:

  1. Bill's wife would avoid Tarantino when she went to return videos. I guess he was so enthusiastic about film that it was hard to get him to stop talking. She would duck down behind the video racks, sneak in and then rush out. After Tarantino hit the big time she would tell Bill: "I can't believe that loser made it!"

  2. Bill would be in the store renting videos and these guys in suits would be there talking to Tarantino about financing a film.

  3. A guy brought in a tape that had been under the seat of his car. It was a couple months late. When he refused to pay and walked out Tarantino followed him out into the parking lot where they argued some more. Tarantino slammed the guy's head into a pole giving the guy a bloody nose.

The Chinese Way

killbill (3k image)After looking at a couple articles Anthony sent me I'm predicting that Tarantino's film "Kill Bill" is going to be hugely successful (well, anyway--I will go see it):

"...Tarantino has made his task all the harder because he's resolved to make Kill Bill in what he calls "the Chinese Way"... Digital effects are out. "That shit looks good, but it looks like a computer did it," he shrugs. "I'd rather have it look good and look like a cool '70s thing..."

"...I'm really particular about the blood, so we're using a mixture depending on the scenes. I say, 'I don't want horror movie blood, all right? I want Samurai blood.' You can't pour this raspberry pancake syrup on a sword and have it look good. You have to have this special kind of blood that you only see in Samurai movies..."

Time Asia: Blood Sport

Ain't It Cool: Kill Bill

name url comment

Tarantino is quite a director! Its quite likely that his film will rake in big $$.

BTW a few weeks back Uma and her dad were just in front of me in the line for getting tamales at the Santa Monica farmers market held on sunday



ring (5k image)Saw the japanese horror film "Ring" today. Good movie. It's notorious for being a good scare. And it was. I waited until the sun was setting then setup my laptop in the bathroom (ok, it was on the toilet) so I could soak in the tub while watching it.

Highly recommended. Bath optional.

KFC: Ring

Burningman Center Camp Gig

cryingguy (4k image)Performed on the center camp stage. Supposed to play 8 to 10 a.m. Thursday morning. Kind of a rough timeslot at burningman--being on stage at 8 in the morning means getting up about 6 a.m. Dan helped me shlep all my gear over.

Whoever was going to play at 10 didn't show up, so I ended up playing until around noon. Fun. People really seemed to dig what I was doing.

One guy was digging it a little too much...He was dancing in front of the stage at the beginning of my set. That's cool. It was obvious that he had been up all night taking every kind of drug but hey, it's burningman eh? But later, he gets up on stage and grabs my hat. He's voguing like some hairy zen madonna on the stage in front of me. This is annoying--hey, I'm the star right?I look out in the audience and Dan is laughing.The guy comes over and gets me in a headlock while I'm performing (I'm sitting down.) He bends down next to my face, holding my hat in front of us so I'm the only one that can see him. I look at him and tell him to knock it off.The guy is blubbering like a baby--tears streaming down his face. Great... I'm being stalked while on stage in front of hundreds of people.I didn't feel threatened at all. Just annoyed. The guy has me in a headlock and I'm thinking "this is ludicrous. Is this fucker going to give me back my hat or what?"Later I see him out in the audience and Dan has retrieved my hat.

My favorite part was when a cute girl jumped up on stageto ask me what was up with all the russian tunes I was playing. I wish I had said that I play them to get cute russian girls to jump up on stage. Instead I told her it's just that I dig russian music.

Arriving (in style)

Extreme Film

TadanobuAsano (4k image) Getting a taste for the films of Takashi Miike. Started a couple years ago when Tim recommended that I see Audition. Recently I watched "Ichi the Killer". Cool performance from Tadanobu Asano (he's great.) His character has an interesting body modification--his cheeks are cut in such a way that his smile continues around to his ears. Safety pins hold his face together at the corners of his mouth. An early scene shows him smoking, and blowing the smoke thru his cheeks. It struck me as I was watching the film that I must have more manga inspired japanese cinema. I dig it.

I have another film that looks like it might be a bit over the top. Haven't got around to watching it yet: "Visitor Q". Tim sent me a link to an interview with Takashi Miike. Interesting guy. I like his ideas about making movies:

"... there's this amazing scene in his Tokyo fundoshi geisha (Tokyo Loincloth Geisha, 1975), a spectacle battle between women and men using sexual intercourse. When I saw that, I thought, all the cool stuff I wanted to do, this guy has already done it!"

"I don't have the common sense to acknowledge genres. Genres are for people who have to promote or critique films. As long you are human, the bottom line of everything creative is simply to ask: why do we exist?"

"...the governor saw Dead or Alive, and he really liked it. One of his underlings said, 'Why does that bazooka come out of nowhere?' The governor said, 'You are so stupid! You have no sense for men's fantasy. If you are really a man, then you have a bazooka!'

Takashi Miike: A Director's Profile

A sequence in the film where Ichi the Killer cuts a guy in half (graphic, not for everybody):

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

Anybody needng a gift idea for me could do worse than the manga that Ichi the Killer is based on: Voyeur or Voyeurs Inc.

Because Alll Things Are Connected

MatrixChick (2k image)Another Matrix spoof. Geek humor that might have appeal mostly to people that spend time on IRC. You be the judge. A lot of it just makes me laugh out loud. If it gives you a giggle you might just start at the beginning and work through them all.When is somebody going to re-edit The Matrix using the dialog from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"? Whoa, excellent!


Just say no...

What are you looking so gay about?


More Matrix Spoof

name url comment

John / thanks wlucky for the link...


Camera Perverta

prostitute (2k image)My dad told me once that the woman that lived above him was a prostitute. When I asked how he knew--and pressed for an answer he admitted that he recorded the output of his security camera and watched it each morning.

Dad lives in a "security building".--the kind where you ring the occupant from downstairs. They listen to you over the intercom and after determining that you are cool, buzz the door and let you in. This one has a camera trained on the entryway. If he's not sure who it is he turns his T.V. to cable channel six and gets a visual. He had a habit of recording the video each night while sleeping. Using an 8 hour tape he would review it in fast forward mode while eating breakfast. If something interesting happened he would slow it down and check it out.

I tell him "ok, you make these tapes, so what?" Says he sees her customers coming and going, on the hour or half hour. Referring to slips of paper as they ring up to be let in. When I protest that there could be some other explanation, he tells me that once, while reviewing one of these tapes he noticed a guy crumpling and throwing a piece of paper into the bushes. He goes down and retrieves it. Says it was a price list with her phone number--detailing what, how long, and how much.

I told him he had proved his point--there was a hoe living in the condo above him. "It gets weirder..." he says. Once a week usually about 3 or 4 in the morning on a Tuesday or Wednesday a man comes to the door carrying a toolbox. He appears to be hispanic but it's hard to tell because he's wearing a mask. The man doesn't use the security phone. He jimmies the door and let's himself in.

name url comment
wiring? 4 ? Bowie wrote the song "Undercover" yes?
oh lol - she better watch out now eh?
toolbox---did anyone mention a "screw"driver? :)


Tubby Bye Bye

teletubbies (3k image)Sometimes when I'm not sure how to spell something I will check it by pasting it into the Google search engine. Frequently it will come back with:

"Did you mean: WordCorrectlySpelled". It's easier than going to cause the Google is built right into my Opera browser. So, I did this with telletubbies-- which of course I don't know how to spell and it came back with this:

How do you spell Teletubbies?

name url comment

    salma - oh my god - she's a porn artist (lol) - that'll teach you to go to teletubbies . . .

Rolling My Own Email

squirrelmail (2k image)Past couple days been figuring out how to setup Squirrelmail on my server. Got it working. I like the idea of having access to my email accounts from anywhere. Not relying on my ISP for shit. As someone was saying on Slashdot "all I want from my ISP is the pipe, I'll do everything else".

Anyway, now I got my own version of like --yahoo or hotmail webmail style email. I can check my personal mail from anywhere there is an internet connection. No spam to put up with either.

I'm trying to say something lucid about this but finding that I should maybe just get my sorry ass in bed. Doh. Check some screenshots of what it looks like:

Squirrelmail Screenshots

name url comment

    looks neat...I need something like this, nowadays using USC server, but can't use it once I graduate.

Hotmail has shafted me. I just don't get any emails on that account (despite me sending several test messages to see if my hotmail account is working). Several emails to "cust. serv."--no response...getting amex to refund my account for fraud from MSN


travelling tomorrow morning 1:15am, 23 hrs travel time, yuck

John / Michael says Yahoo webmail is pretty good. Get rid of hotmail. How many spam emails for penis enlargement should one person have to look at? Especially now that you went ahead and had that surgery.

    Hehe...not to mention the breast enlargement steroids too :)

I Said Dance!

dancingmouse (2k image) "Half the mice were injected with salt water, half with speed. The lab animals were then exposed to various types of noise:
  • white noise
  • a rushing sound
  • total silence
  • loud music by the dance group Prodigy
  • loud music of the same tempo by Johann Sebastian Bach (Violin Concerto in A Minor)"
"The drugged mice appeared to jiggle backward and forward."

"Seven of the mice that listened to Prodigy died, as did four of the Bach listeners."

CBC News: British scientists criticized for exposing mice to rave life

name url comment

John / Half of the mice were given a blue pill. The other's were given a red pill. They were all told to follow the white rabbit.

15 Minutes

15minutes (4k image)Was sniffing around on the IRC quotes database. Looking for material for some new comics (some of the dialog for my comics comes from there.) Found myself in there:


I made this one into a comic already. The thing about making a comic out of some of these quotes is sometimes it makes it funnier. When I first started using this material I thought it was kind of sacrilegious to edit the text. But now I'm like --screw that. Whatever is going to make it funnier. So yeah, in that quote --I'm dogboy. That's the handle I used when dj'ing at burningman. More about that later.

Usually this works the other way round. This time though the comic existed before the quote was in the database. I know cause I made it right after it was said. In fact it's likely that my pasting the url for the comic into the channel inspired someone (bet it was jenn) to submit the quote to the database.

Oh yeah, this comic is only funny if you know what bukkake is. If you don't know what it is you're probably better off. Trust me on this one. DON"T go trying to find out. Or at least, don't say I didn't warn you. And definitely don't follow the instructions given in the comic...

name url comment

ahhh....things are now clear, bukkaka=japanese drip irrigation system :)


Black Hand

blackhand (2k image)Went with Michael to this club in Leimert Park last night. "The Black Hand". They had a DJ there that was mixing in a new song about every 2 to 3 minutes. Overkill if you ask me. And the beat never varied. Something like 110 to 120 bpm. They seemed to enjoy it though (so what do I know?) Ran into Teddy the piano man around the corner. Been about 10 years since I hung out in that part of town.

We ended up at the Hustler store on Sunset. Not too much for the toys part of the store --I prefer my sex shops to be sleazy and poorly lit (old school.) The cafe is decent though and I like the way the patio looks out over Sunset. Cheesecake, mocha and freaks; a good friday night.

Michael had a birthday a couple days ago. The big five oh. Happy birthday sir.

Comics Archive

ComicsArchive (5k image)Just added another gallery to my server. This one for comics. Not really worth making a separate site for them and it is part of my weblog. Now it will be easy for people to browse the older comics as well as whatever new ones I come up with. I will continue to post about any new ones as I make them but will link to them in the gallery. Making it easy to go from the latest to the older ones.

Comics Archive

name url comment

maybe, adjacent to the the comics link on the bar on the right side you can add an "updated on xx/xx/xx" remark, so that we know when the latest comic has been posted.


John /

yes. I will continue to post the comic into the body of my weblog as I churn them out. The idea is to link to the comic in the gallery so that people can browse the other, older comics after being introduced to the latest one. I would prefer the archive to work the same way the jerkcity one does. The latest comic would always be displayed at a fixed url, and clicking on the comic would take you through the archive in chronilogical order. Guess I'll just have to code it up myself.

Another Five Comics

clown (2k image)I should probably save these and "release" them over several days. As soon as I make one though I want to share it. Oh well, maybe when I have another site just for comics.

Vodka | The Bet | Dreadlocks | Crying | Cat

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very very cute and also God Forbid (lol)


i like the way Dreadlock smokes - good toon dude . . .

Not Quite 97 Percent

circumcision (4k image)Back. Tired. Slept all day, got up, took a shower and willl be going to bed again soon. One of the better Burningmsn's. Cut a piece off the end of my "D" finger. Hard to type. Looks like it's healing nicely.

Talked to several israeli people while at Burningman. One of them told me about taking the physical exam for induction into the army. That one is rated on how complete their body is --every operation resulting in a loss of some points from a perfect score of 100. If you are circumcised, three points are removed. Since practically every man in Israel is circumcised a perfect score is 97 percent. name url comment
Hehe...funny graphic accompanying the post.

Why would circumcision affect the score (I mean is it supposed to reduce combat effectiveness or something?)

Glad to hear it was good for you! rest up buddy!

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