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Matrix Bloated

MatrixBloated.pngWhat's with that scene where Neo is battling a hundred Agent Smith's? Is that for the video game tie-in? That's what my brother said when we were watching it. And Lawrence Fishburne looks fat.

The first movie was gratuitous in a way that made it so it didn't matter. This one is just gratuitous. And Lawrence Fishburne looks fat.

Stupid or Cupid

fudoh.pngFinally got to see the japanese film: "Fudoh". It's one bad ass action flick.

It skates on the edge of being in bad taste (many would find it so), while never quite going over. The first feature by director Takeshi Miike who is mostly know for his film "Audition"--this film is another example of how there's stuff in japanese cinema that you're just never gonna see in american film. While I can't really say much about the movie without giving it away, I should at least say that if you are disturbed by extreme sex and violence than this movie is not for you. Here are some screen captures from the famous dart scene (some nudity):

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight

Some interesting comments about the film at the internet movie database. What can I say about the film that they didn't say?

Hot... Humid

miata.pngBeen neglecting my web site lately. Mostly because I don't have any furniture in my bedroom--other than a bed that is. It's kind of japanese style. Computer almost on the floor. I'm sitting in a chair borrowed from the kitchen. I have to hunch over to do anything with my desktop machine. Actually it's my dj box but it's making due as my desktop machine for now. I'm writing this on my laptop, which is placed (almost comfortably) on my bed. My back is killing me.

Drove myself home from work tonight using my roommate's SUV. Figured out how to get the windows down. It's warm and humid and tonight driving in it I was thinking that the weather is just about right and wishing that I was driving my Miata with the top down. Looking forward to getting that car out here. At some point I will fly back to California and drive the car out here. Hopefully soon.

Meanwhile groove on the "Pussy Poem". You gotta scroll down and hunt around, but it's worth it.

Where I Live

Picture of the front of the house I live in that's in the burb's of Houston.

Big Head... Little Head

NoBull.pngLeaving the freeway tonight after work I noticed a flatbed truck passing me on the left. I was doing about 65 mph. There was a coyote looking dog on the bed of the truck and I was thinking "what's to keep that dog from falling off of there?" Closer examination revealed that the dog was tearing flesh from a huge bloody head. A huge, wet, red head with horns. A bull's head.

Back In The Saddle

BackInTheSaddle.pngGot an always on cable connection again. Download speed is not quite as good as it was when I was in Los Angeles but the upload speed is about the same--350k or so. Which means my web server should be able to perform about the same as before. Now all I have to do is set it up.

I can get back to using Linux for the desktop instead of being stuck using Windows on my laptop. In fact, I'm installing knoppix to the hard drive of my dj box right now. Chat server... Webcam... Maybe the "crotchcam". Maybe not...

I switched to Phoenix from Opera on my laptop. Phoenix has been my browser of choice for a while now on Linux. Works good on Windows too. My buddy Mark swears by it. Well, it used to be called Phoenix...

I guess now it's called Mozilla Firebird:

Mozilla Firebird Project

Death By Mail

fastcar.pngNice weather last night. We were on the freeway about 2:30 am listening to Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold" real loud. The driver's paper based organizer sitting in the backseat. Stuffed with mail. Bills I guess. Kind of windy, what with the windows being down and us traveling at 120 mph. The organizer popped open and the passenger compartment was suddenly filled with swirling mail. Like a fishbowl where the mail had just been delivered. I'm sure a bunch of it went out the windows. The first thing I thought was: "who would send us mail while we're on the freeway?" and then we both reached for the electric window controls while trying to keep it from flying out the windows.

While I'm typing this my friend Damon rings on my new cell phone. One of the things he says is: "yeah, dude, there's a whole new flavor of pussy out there. Those southern girls are very friendly."

Hmm. Hmm? Hmm.

Big Quiet House

psycho.pngThat was freaky. I had just finished running the water for a bath and I'm layin' in there reading "Almost Transparent Blue" when I heard the front door open. It has an alarm on it that does a little chirp chirp when the door opens.

Yeah, I had just got done watching this slasher flick on HBO: "Joyride". Psycho Trucker/CB radio/stalker/slasher deal. I was a little wound up. Maybe cause it's only my second night in this big quiet house. Anyway, the door opens. I'm in the bath, and the bathroom door is locked--I've seen Psycho eh?--I hear a women's voice:

"there's nobody here", she says (apparently to a cell phone) "hurry up and get here."

I hear a ceiling fan cord being pulled, then the tv comes on. I figure I better go out and introduce myself to whoever it is. I'm not sure if I should make as little noise as possible coming out of the bathroom or if I should make a lot of noise. I go for the first option. Drying off quickly, I got dressed and came out to find an attractive young lady stretched out on the couch. Her feet were away from me and she was bending her neck to look at me upside down. We were both caught off guard.


murakami ryuKilled some time in a Barnes and Nobles today. Got a hot chocolate from the in store Starbucks (the only thing my mom will let me drink there.) Sat in an over stuffed chair for an hour and a half reading Murakami Ryu's first novel: "Almost Transparent Blue". Interesting book. About some junkies or something.

The curious thing about the experience was the feeling that I could have been anywhere. Barnes and Nobles is Barnes and Nobles. Some people speaking with a slightly different accent, but otherwise being in Houston is just like being in a big city anywhere.

Big In Japan - Murakami Ryu

A Change In The Weather

oswald.pngMostly I'm doing an entry right now so I can write: "as I'm writing this I'm 33,000 feet in the air somewhere between Phoenix and Houston."

Another one of those flights where I end up wearing some of my complementary beverage. The last time that happened was on a flight back from Boston--a cute red-head that I wasn't talking to deliberately spilled my drink into my lap.

Not that lucky this time. Some oil executive. He's sitting next to me pretending not to read this.

I wrote the above on the plane, now I'm posting it over my brother's wireless network while I'm sitting on his couch. The same couch I'll be sleeping on later tonight. Nice weather. I like the way Houston looks so far.

California Dreamin'

hockney2.pngArticle at the New York Times about the trendy club scene in El Lay:

"...First, people in the circle know about it and it's good. Then people from the Valley start coming in..."

"They want to be famous, they want to act, they want to model, they want to be in a music video... they want the opportunity to have sex with someone famous."

"In New York, it was easier. You could look at people's shoes. In Los Angeles, you can wear Adidas and Levi's, but be driving a Porsche."

"...night life in Los Angeles is predicated on the idea that day jobs are for the unambitious, and therefore staying out all night on Monday and Tuesday to party can be accomplished guilt free..."

Los Angeles Clubs of the Moment -- Neil Strauss

Doctor Mongo In Tomorrowland

mongo.pngHung out with Michael in the loft district last night. He's concerned cause he hasn't heard from Dr. Mongo for almost a week. So, once again we were standing out in front of the Ford Hotel down near skid row yelling into the upstairs windows. Like before we got some local color but no response from the party in question.

Went by Drew's place. Maybe Drew would know where the doctor was. No lights on in Drew's apartment, but a vast quantity of parked cars led to an investigation which revealed a party in progress at John Q's (I still want to DJ one of his parties.) We hung out a bit and chatted. One of the more interesting stories we heard was about how some of the locals got together and snuck a large quantity of drugs and pornography into a time capsule downtown. The time capsule is not due to be opened for two or three hundred years.

After we finished at John Q's we headed over to Zip Sushi on Traction Ave. One of Eric's friends was DJ'ing for USC night. Eric has offered to have me DJ there any Friday night I want to show up with my stuff. Big place. Nice multiroom space with plenty of little chill areas. Perhaps I can take him up on the offer sometime.

Poetry Is A Warm Beer Shit

horsesex.pngReading another collection of Bukowski's short stories. Bukowski is a nice asshole. I like this part from his story "Guts":

"...I had read in the Racing Form once about a high-bred stallion they couldnít get to mate with the mares. They got the most beautiful mares they could find, but the stallion only shied away. Then somebody, who knew something, got an idea. He smeared mud all over a beautiful mare and the stallion immediately mounted her. The theory was that the stallion felt inferior to all the beauty and when it was muddied-up, fouled, he at least felt equal or maybe even superior. Horses' minds and men's minds could be a great deal alike..."

Flim: Why I hate Bukowski

Fat of The Land

leatherface.pngI'm sitting at McDonalds again having breakfast. A "Deluxe Big Breakfast" with no carne. That's what I tell them: "No carne". Generally the person taking my order also speaks spanish. I say "carne" rather than meat cause it can also be taken to mean "flesh". But, like most of my jokes I'm the only one that gets it.

Vegetarians get jacked at Mc D: "What? no meat? well you're still gonna pay full price for the meal! Don't EVEN think you deserve to be treated special because you're saving us money on the price of that meal!"

Once I ordered a deluxe big breakfast without meat and the person that took my order suggested that I could get an extra pancake instead. When the manager heard this she said: "just this one time".

I get jacked at Taco Bell as well. At Taco Bell I usually order a couple Burrito Supremes. Of course I get them without meat, and also without sour cream. Lame I know, but that's the way I like 'em. So they make 'em that way but do they put anything extra in there to replace the meat? NO!!! The burrito ends up being about half as thick, but the price is the same. Someday--just for laughs--I want to order a Burrito Supreme with no meat, no sour cream, no cheese, no lettuce, no tomato, no enchilada sauce. I want to see if they'll sell me a two dollar tortilla.

The way I look at it vegetarians are subsidizing the meat eater lifestyle when they choose to eat at Mac D, Taco Bell [, or any number of other places.] Oh well... enjoy it. I'm paying for it [we're all paying for it.] Throw some more rainforest on the barbeque. In fact, if you can work it out to where you're eating that burger while driving around in an SUV so much the better. Consume mass quantities. We live in an advanced capitalist society after all. Without waste the entire system ceases to function.

The guy at the table next to me is talking to himself. At least... I don't see a cell phone. Big guy. Wearing a short sleeved plaid shirt with blue long sleeved shirt underneath, jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap that's turned the way you wore them before Gen X. The cap proclaims: "Big Lots!". He's got cotton wadded in his ears.

It sounds like there is more than one person talking but it's just him. I'm typing what he's saying--but it's noisy. Mostly I just get fragments:

"You're claiming these scientists committed murder?

Who was indicted?

I don't know...

Who? My mother my father my cousin?

What's the doctor's name, no that's a secret, you have to be real good to know that.

Really really good... Really really good... Really really good...

Don't threaten me!

What his deposition would be confirmed

I think, that the significance of this day, this congressional, senatorial, the congressional spending caucus

And... and... this is a whole new route

A special subcommittee...


And there were other's that lived that thought it was an experiment

An american who loves his country

And that's it!

How complicated can that be my friend? How complicated can that be?

Nobody will know who died.

Lethal injection for people who are cronically ill.

I was all part of the research.

I think the most...

Do you know the law about subjects and testing?

Do professional business standards and ethics apply to people that are no longer citizens and are patients?

Very simple my friend...

You know.

Consent. What does consent mean?

They have to consent to...

Fifty fifty chance, they do it all the time but if there is a complication...

Secret govermental experiments--hush hush--I can't find any material that contains any direct ruling by due process of law...

Because the bottom line is that people die. I can't.

The destruction of the flesh...

Then if you have no reply, then I look at the problem...

So you know...

Very simple, you got to say look, my name is so and so and there were other's involved...

There were other's involved, the other's that were involved their names are still secret...

Because they're deceased

This issue it's about conflict of interest

Yesterday. So motivated"

[He's also eating a deluxe big breakfast. He went for the meat.]

Cult Figuring

Television.pngLately I've been getting up at 5:55 a.m. After I shower and stuff like that I put on the japanese news that KSCI (uhf 18) broadcasts between 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. Maybe I can pick up more japanese vocabulary (and more culture) while getting a different perspective on international and U.S. news. They broadcast with english subtitles. I like the way the newscaster bows as the program starts.

One of the stories they have been following lately is about this cult that dresses all in white. The media has been following the cult around the countryside as they park by the side of the road in various mountainous regions. Almost a cult traffic report.

The cult drives around in twelve white cars and vans. They dress in white outfits that look like radiation suits. They even wrap neighboring trees and guardrails in white sheets:

"Wearing surgical-style white robes, flowing headgear and facemasks, the Pana Wave members have erected white fabric screens along the roadside and wrapped nearby tree trunks in white, claiming that white cloth can help them avoid exposure to harmful electromagnetic waves sent out by communists."

The interesting part of the story [for me] isn't so much the cult itself but the way it's being reported on. It's more of an upfront sensationalized zenophobic thing than it would be here. Although we do have trouble with religious intolerance here as well (can you say Waco?) To be fair they are just finishing that trial that came out of the subway gas attack. But surrounding a caravan of twelve vehicles with 300 policemen is going a bit far IMO. Even if they do look like they're from Mars.

Wandering Cult Befuddles Japan (ABC News)

Pacific Rim

PacificRim.png"Despite his attempts at concealment, investigators said it was immediately obvious that Yoshikuni Moriwaki was a man, making him an easy target for crime fighters on the lookout for a cross-dressing schoolgirl said to be targeting Nagoya women."

"Moriwaki's attempt at disguising himself was not made any easier by his height of 175 centimeters, which made him stand out well above the average Japanese woman, and a five o'clock shadow that showed he regularly shaved."

Unrelated Chatroom conversation:

CuZZa| i lived there for a month
CuZZa| japan is great
CuZZa| really fucked up, but great
CuZZa| its weird. me being a 6'4 white guy standing on a train with a bunch of japanese people who are around 5'
CuZZa| i had a fucking guy dressed as sailor moon looking at me as if I was the weirdo

Japan 'cross-dresser' thief unmasked (BBC News)
Schoolgirl uniform cross-dresser busted over smash-and-grabs (Mainichi)

Hollywood Dangerous

idoru.pngWhen I mentioned recently to a friend how hot I was to see: "Better Luck Tomorrow". She responded disparagingly: "what? that MTV movie?"--as if anything related to MTV would be crap (I think they're just distributing the film anyway.) The film was mentioned in an article about SARS fears:

A Fever Pitch of Fear (LATimes):

"Kowsigan Majuran, 15, an Alhambra High School sophomore, said his parents ordered him not to go see 'Better Luck Tomorrow,' the buzz film about Asian American honor students enmeshed in a crime ring. His mother, a Sri Lankan immigrant, said too many Chinese American children might be in the audience, and who knew what he might catch cooped up in a theater with them."

Ha! Makes me want to see the movie even more!

There were some funny quotes in this article about how "The Matrix" has affected the fashion industry:

Dressing to Dodge Bullets: That 'Matrix' Look (NYTimes):

"'Not since `Blade Runner' do I remember an action movie that has had that much style,' said Stefan Sagmeister, ... 'The slow-motion action, the uses of new technology, the special effects and the costumes, even the villains with their skinny ties, bad suits and queer sunglasses...'"

[Designer Karim Rashid said:]

"'I found the movie not the least bit prescient; it was even dated,' he said. 'We are looking at a future supposedly created by artificial intelligence ? one of bad suits, ill-fitting coats and cheesy shades? Is that the best they can do?'"

"What keeps "The Matrix" relevant is its unconventional subtext, perpetuated in every frame, that style saves --- that literally and metaphorically, a great leather trench coat may well be the best defense."

This article reminds me of the Tom Ford interview I saw years back on Charlie Rose (man, I wish I had a copy of that.) Tom Ford is in charge of design at Gucci. Charlie asked him where the leading edge of fashion was and he responded that without question it was Los Angeles--because of the influence of the film industry. When Charlie started to argue, saying that all the fashion magazines were published in New York, Milan, Tokyo etc. Tom Ford replied: "yes, but who is on the covers of those magazines?". They both agreed it was film stars.

He made the point that the world has adopted the [twisted IMO] Los Angeles conception of female beauty. Pushed up enhanced breasts. Plastic surgery. Fembots.


NetNanny.pngI keep having trouble with my pants. They hang off my ass. Sometimes it's so bad it feels like if I kept walking they would fall down around my ankles. To remedy this I remove my belt every few months and cut a new hole. I'm wondering: what is this problem with my pants about? I asked a friend if he thought a leather belt could stretch. It sounded far fetched. He said no, that I was just losing weight. Four new holes I have put in my belt. Another one is needed.

[As I write this there's a couple sitting next to me in McDonald's speaking a foreign language. I'm playing "guess the language" but they're not speaking very loudly. Clues:

1. She's drinking an orange juice that says: "hohes C" on the container.

2. The time on her watch says 6:10. It's 9:10 a.m. here. Consulting the citytime application on my pocket computer (shows the time in cities around the globe) I see that it's 6:10 in like Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich, Paris--most of Europe. Either they just got off the plane or she's keeping her watch set to the time at home so she'll know when it's ok to call the family and such. I'm betting they're german. That looks like german orange juice.]

Last night a friend I hadn't seen in a while told me that it looked like I had lost weight. Guess maybe it's true--leather belts don't stretch. Losing weight is a foreign concept to me. I don't think I ever have. It's always been up, up and away. If I can continue losing weight someday I'll be able to see my dick without looking in a mirror (not that I stand around looking at my dick in the mirror... it's just that maybe someday I will be able to see it without having to! and isn't that something to look forward to?)

[He's gone off to the restroom. She's reading one of those tourist guidebooks. The title is: "Kalifornia SomethingInSomeOtherLanguage".]

Got a good "cut-up horoscope" last night. I take the horoscope from a Hollywood freebie paper and fold it so like Aries overlaps with Libra--one sentence completing the next. Then I look for stuff that works. I figure it's gonna make as much sense as a regular horoscope and it's more fun (for a detailed explanation see "God's Secret Name".) So, the first line says:

You may need to blow off yourself

I can think of two ways to interpret this...

[They left. I dug that orange juice container out of the trash. Yeah, I know... you knew I would. On the side it says:


Deutschland GmbH

Mehr Infos: ]

The Catalog of Obsessions

CatalogOfObsession.pngBeen musing about the differences/similarities between the writings of Murakami and Chandler. Other's have written about this. I know. I've read stuff. Murakami has translated some of Raymond Chandler's books to japanese. People say he derives a lot of his style from this. I think it's true too. You can tell he's a Chandler fan. It shows in the way he writes.

The thing I noticed though is that both author's seem to have a certain box of toys that they play with in each of their novels or short stories. Repeating themes or elements. Murakami has his obsession with wells (dry and otherwise.) These wells seem to be a metaphor that he uses to show how people fall into ruts. A recurring theme. His characters seem lost. They forget what their purpose was, or come to the realization that they didn't have one.

Maybe he's pointing out that this is part of the human condition. After all--it's not like we drop down the chute and are given an owner's manual (one can see religion as a response to this search for an owner's manual--"damn thing must be around here somewhere"...)

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